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Katniss and Hermione Take Aim at Each Other in New Princess Rap Battle

Two beloved heroines duke it out in the latest Princess Rap Battle, a “no-weapons, no-magic” fight between Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen.

Created by Whitney Avalon, the battle takes place on Hermione’s home turf at Hogwarts, with the names of the two participants being drawn from the Goblet of Fire, by Professor Dumbledore and Effie Trinket of course.

Each rapper gets a pair of male sidekicks, with Harry and Ron backing up Hermione, and Gale and Peeta with Katniss.

Some highlights of Katniss’s best barbs include:

  • Pointing out she is the hero of her story while Hermione is a sidekick.
  • Saying the best day in the lives of Hermione’s parents is when they forgot she existed.

A couple of Hermione’s best shots include:

The single best diss comes from Katniss, and it’s just as much directed at Ron.

“Coulda had a Viktor, but you chose ginger fail.”

It hurts because it’s true.

However, the winner of the battle is Hermione Granger. Where Katniss spends a lot of her time promoting herself, Hermione is relentless in her attacks. I mean, the line about the Girl on Fire’s dad also being on fire, well, that’s going for the jugular. There are no lines you can cross in a rap battle. That’s a well-established fact.

Make sure you watch this; it’s incredibly well done, and full of inside jokes for fans of both franchises. Also check out some past Princess Rap Battles from Whitney Avalon (she plays Katniss in the video).

What two female characters would you most like to see battle it out with some strong rhymes? May your thoughts be ever in our comments below.


Image: YouTube/Whitney Avalon

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