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Justin Bieber To Become Next Target Of Comedy Central Roast In March

What do Pamela Anderson, Bob Saget and James Franco have in common? They’ve all been subjects of a Comedy Central roast.

As if that motley crew wasn’t weird enough, let’s add Justin Bieber into the mix because the “Baby” singer is slated to be the channel’s next victim when his TV special airs on March 7.

According to Us Weekly, he’s has been asking to be a roast target for years but the network didn’t think the star had enough fodder to fill an entire show. However, thanks to a variety of legal woes and his new Calvin Klein ads, it appears that the baby-faced bad boy is finally ready for his comedic closeup.

No word on who will be ripping the 20-year-old pop singer a new one, but Comedy Central has a lot of sharp-tongued talent to choose from, including Whitney Cummings, Nick Kroll and Sarah Silverman, each of whom has contributed to previous roasts.

If we could make one suggestion, we’d have to ask that Kate McKinnon participate in the special or we might have to boycott. After all, her recent ribbing on Saturday Night Live solidified her comedic brilliance as Bieber’s female doppelgänger.

Here’s the clip, in case you missed it:

Plus, if Justin’s reaction to that jab is any indication of how he’ll behave during the roast, then it appears he’s ready for anything people throw at him… Even if they hit below the belt and directly at the bulge in his Calvins.



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  1. Coyote says:

    If he doesn’t get ripped up more then Charile “Winning/Tiger’s Blood” Sheen, then I have no respect for Comedy Central.

  2. J. says:

    Oh he gon’ git torn up.

  3. Ethan Bradley says:

    As usual you guys don’t mention New York comics. Because they’re too offensive. Jim Norton, Bob Kelly, and Colin Quinn are ten times better than your alternative darlings. Keep playing your comic book shop and calling yourselves comedians. Hacks.