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JUSTICE LEAGUE Heroes’ Updated Costumes

The heroes of DC’s Justice League have undergone a few suit redesigns, or remodels in Cyborg’s case. One the Comic-Con show floor we got a better look at how the DC Universe’s greatest heroes will look come November. Some of the heroes are sporting pretty drastic overhauls in their suit design.


Most familiar is Wonder Woman’s costume, keeping with the design from her solo film. You’d think she would have changed it up sometime since World War I, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Also, why in the world does the mannequin look like our very own Jessica Chobot? Is she starring in Justice League as Wonder Woman’s sister?


Though not worn by Jessica Chobot, Batman’s suit looks similar to how it appeared in Batman v Superman, especially the dream sequence’s desert suit. One detail to note is that it seems less bulky and more agile than all three of his suits in that film, which keeps more in line with many of his comic interpretations.


Aquaman’s suit, however, is a little more substantial. Made of some kind of greenish-gold chainmail, it’s a suit worthy of the king of Atlantis. The five-pronged trident is a wicked weapon that Jason Momoa will surely spear some baddies with.


While the other suits appear to be made of one or a couple pieces of armor, the Flash’s consists of many smaller pieces held together by a lattice of wires. This should allow for a wider range of movement, which he’ll need if he’s going to run anywhere near the speed of comic-Flash.


Cyborg’s suit marks the greatest departure from his comic counterpart. Most of the time, Cyborg is depicted as half-human/half-robot, but here he seems to be mostly robot. In fact, other than his face there doesn’t appear to be anything human about him.

What do you think of the Justice League’s new look? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter.

Images: Luke Thompson for Nerdist, Warner Bros.

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