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JURASSIC WORLD Jiggling Jell-o

Back when Jurassic Park was first released in theaters 20 years ago, there were subtle ways the film showed off just how frightening it can be knowing dinos are right around the corner. When it came to suspense, the only thing needed to convey oncoming danger was a rippling glass of water and a trembling spoonful of green Jell-o.

jurassic park water scene-06082015

Why not combine the two to make into an edible dino-warning system? Refreshing green Jell-o gets even jigglier with the added touch of a permanent oscillation. Serve this at the end of grand Jurassic Worldthemed meal and leave your guests wondering, are we having dessert or are we going to be eaten alive? Maybe it’s best not to serve goat for dinner.

Jurassic Jello-06082015

Jurassic Jell-o
(serves 4)
2 (6 ounce) packages, lime Jell-o
4 cup boiling water

you’ll need:
1 Rainy Day Ice Tray by Fred and Friends
4 glass cups

In a large bowl stir together the lime Jell-o and the boiling water until the Jell-o is dissolved.

Place the ice mold onto a steady, flat plate, then spoon the Jell-o mixture into the mold. Pour the remaining Jell-o mixture into glasses.

Refrigerate the ice mold and the filled glasses until the Jell-o is firm, approximately 4 hours.

Carefully ease the Jell-o out of the molds and place onto the top of the Jell-o in the glasses to serve.

What dino-themed treats are you making for Jurassic World this weekend? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Instagram!

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