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JURASSIC PARK: FALLEN KINGDOM’s Dinosaurs Get All New Funko Pops!

The final trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom introduced us to the most dangerous creature to ever walk the Earth, the terrifying Indoraptor. However, you won’t be scared to see it show up in your own home so long as it’s as his new Funko Pop! But he’s not the only dinosaur getting added to the film’s line of figures, because the movie’s second wave of Pops! includes the most famous prehistoric beast of them all, who has never looked bigger.

The latest additions to Funko’s Fallen Kingdom Pops! features a genuinely cute-looking Stygimoloch, who we wish we could adopt as a pet (a pet that would grow up and eat us). Slightly less adorable is the new crossbred Indoraptor, whose figure is worthy of the trailer’s “most dangerous creature” description.

The only human character added to the line also features a dinosaur though, because the Target exclusive figure of Chris Pratt’s Owen has him holding a baby Blue in his arms. But the biggest addition–literally–is a towering 10-inch T-Rex, which is also a Target exclusive.

This handy graph really shows off just how big this new T-Rex is compared to the other normal-sized Pops.

Somehow that T-Rex is both frightening and cuddly, like at any moment it will eat the Owen Pop, but we’ll still find it charming.

These new figures join Funko’s previously announced Pops! for the movie, which included ones of Claire, Owen, and a full-sized Blue. Those will be available in stores this May, with this second wave joining them this summer. Which means we can see the Indoraptor scare the crap out of that little girl in her bedroom this June when the movie is released, and then we can go out and buy our own Indoraptor to live in our house.

Which one of these figures do you most want to see hatch in your home? Tell us why in the comments below.

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Images: Funko

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