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Jeff Goldblum Fondles His JURASSIC PARK Funko Pops on CONAN

Earlier this year, Funko revealed that its plans for Jurassic Park inspired Pops included “Injured Ian Malcolm.” However, fans know it better as “Shirtless Jeff Goldblum.” It’s already proven to be a popular pre-order figure, but there may not be anyone who loves it more than Goldblum himself! During a recent appearance on Conan, Goldblum was invited by Conan O’Brien to rub his own “doll’s nipples,” and he readily agreed to. In fact, Goldblum even admitted to thinking about doing something even more extreme than just fondling the Ian Malcolm Pop.

Goldblum appears to be more familiar with Funko Pops than O’Brien, and he’s always prone to break into song at a moment’s notice. Although O’Brien brought up Goldblum’s return to the franchise in next summer’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, that topic of conversation just didn’t come up again after the Pops came out. However, Goldblum did make a point of telling O’Brien that he loves it when people do impressions of him even when they’re bad impressions. Goldblum even let O’Brien try on his glasses to better channel his inner-Goldblum.

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long for Goldblum’s next cinematic appearance. Goldblum is lending his voice to Wes Anderson‘s new stop-motion animated film, Isle of Dogs. Goldblum is portraying Duke, a dog whose pack is attempting to help reunite a boy and his canine companion. According to Goldblum, he recorded his lines over the phone because of schedule conflicts. So he literally phoned in his performance.

What do you think about Goldblum’s doll fondling desires? Translate your thoughts into Goldblums in the comment section below!

Image: TBS

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