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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies Dish on THE ORIGINALS’ Brotherly War

Klaus and Elijah have stood by each other’s side for over a thousand years, but one betrayal might rip these brothers apart for good on The Originals. And while on set this week, we got some gripping details from the brothers Mikaelson on what the future holds for them.

Last week’s jaw-dropping episode revealed that Elijah actually discovered how to compel other vampires accidentally—by getting Klaus’ love, Aurora, to confess Klaus’ secret shame of killing the Mikaelson’s mother Esther and blaming it on their father Mikael. When Elijah learned of that betrayal, he turned around and got his revenge immediately by compelling Aurora to break Klaus’ heart.

“[Elijah] has done something unforgivable as we’ve found out and it’s created this rift between them again, perhaps bigger than ever,” Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus, told Nerdist on the set of The Originals in Atlanta, Georgia. “Now, Klaus is looking for new allies. He’s searching around to see who he could trust. And an intimate of his past, [Aurora], this betrayal has bonded them because they were both led to believe a lie a thousand years ago. But because of this prophecy and the return of the firsts of our sire lines, I think [Klaus and Elijah] have to stand begrudgingly united.”

The Originals

Daniel Gillies, who plays Elijah, also sat down with Nerdist on the set of The Originals to reveal that this new betrayal might be the final straw for these brothers who have always had something to fight about.

“This whole season is based on creating that rift [between Klaus and Elijah],” Gillies says. “The writers are trying to generate that gap in a much larger way than they ever have before—the ravine is only becoming increasingly larger. Whether or not they can span that between the two of them is going to be anybody’s guess. But they have to weather that and become allies against the common foe.”

One thing Gillies didn’t agree with, however, is the “twist” that Aurora’s breakup is the heartbreak that drove Klaus to become the monster he is today.

“That was a bone of contention for me,” Gillies says. “I was like, wait, wasn’t Tatiana the love of his life? I had the same reaction as Elijah did on the show. ‘So now this is the reason you’ve descended?’ Klaus seems pretty ready to be angry at Elijah/the world. So now Aurora is this great love, are we absolutely sure about that?”

The Originals

But Gillies revealed that we haven’t seen the last of Elijah’s early attempts at compulsion in the flashbacks.

“We’ve just seen [Elijah use compulsion] for the first time,” Gillies says. “As fate would have it, the second effort of compulsion is not only convincing the Trinity to depart and flee, but also to convince them that they have mine and Klaus’ and Rebekah’s identities so that Mikael can pursue them across Europe rather than terrorizing us. It’s a way of buying us peace. It’s an amazing second effort of compulsion and that’s the cause for [The Trinity’s] vengeance.”

In the present day, however, Morgan reveals that Aurora may have more than just a thousand-year-old vengeance on her mind, much to Klaus’ suspicion.

“He’s thinking, ‘What does this person have to gain from all of this, why is she back after so long?'” Morgan says. “Because she was compelled, yes, but she realized the betrayal a long time ago. Where has she been? There’s still another good 800 years where she could have come back. He’s trying to keep a bit of distance and be objective about it and figuring out what’s going on with her. He’s trying to see if he can turn to her as an ally and really sussing that out.”

He continues, “He doesn’t trust Lucien although he likes him, so the next episode is him exploring the dynamic with Aurora after all this time. He’s definitely suspicious but there are very unresolved feelings there. It’s something he feels he needs closure on, or perhaps it’s the beginning of something.”

The Originals

And yes, Klaus exploring what relationship he can have with Aurora will have a big affect on Klaus’ complicated dynamic with Cami.

“[Klaus and Aurora’s relationship] definitely does affect his relationship with Cami,” Morgan says. “It will be interesting to see that play out. [Cami and Aurora] become aware of each other. Initially its going to hinder it because we know there’s a possessive feeling over Cami and a feeling of wanting to protect her, whatever else you can say about his relationship with her, so having a possessive ex-girlfriend come into town is going to make things difficult. ‘You’re spending all this time alone with who? For what purpose?’ It’s definitely going to put a strain on their relationship.”

Something else that’s going to strain Klaus and Cami’s relationship? The fact that she was just arrested by Detective Kinney for the violent murders plaguing New Orleans.

“[Klaus] is going to want to deal with that,” Morgan says. “He feels like she is consistently getting herself in too deep and it’s a struggle for him because he wants to keep her around but he’s like a hurricane. By wanting her to be close to him he’s also putting her in danger. If he was truly selfless he would let her go, but he won’t.”

Are you excited to see Klaus explore a relationship with Aurora, or do you want to see him with Cami on The Originals? Hit the comments section below to weigh in now!

Images: The CW
The Originals airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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