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Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Star in Film Adaptation of Jim Henson’s FRAGGLE ROCK

Although The Muppets have made a triumphant return over the last couple of years thanks to Disney, another beloved property from the Jim Henson Company has been lying dormant all this time: Fraggle Rock. Now Henson’s classic ’80s children’s show is making a comeback for the big screen, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt set to produce and star in a live-action Fraggle Rock movie for New Regency, The Henson Co. and Lisa Henson. A movie adaptation has been in the works for almost ten years, but now the attachment of Joseph Gordon-Levitt has given the project a new shot in the arm.

Originally an HBO series which ran from 1983-1987, Fraggle Rock centered around a group of tiny creatures called Fraggles, along with the even smaller Doozers who lived among them. The Fraggles and the Doozers lived in a series of caves called Fraggle Rock, and would only venture outside of it to gather radishes to eat, where they would have to avoid the giant Gorgs. Yeah, I know the premise sounds like a bunch of gibberish, but trust me, it was the coolest kind of gibberish when I was eight years old. They also had a really catchy theme song, which will be stuck in your head all day after listening to it just once.

In a statement from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he says “The first screen personas I ever loved were Henson creations, first on Sesame Street, and then on Fraggle Rock. Jim Henson’s characters make you laugh and sing, but they’re also layered, surprising, and wise. From Oscar the Grouch, to Yoda, to the Fraggles. I’ve never stopped loving his work, even as a young frisky man, and on into adulthood. Collaborating with Lisa Henson makes me confident we can do something that Jim would have loved. I’m grateful and excited to be working with New Regency on this project.”

HT: Variety


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  1. Red, Boober, Margie the trashheap, Jr Gorg. When they made the Hobbit I was really surprised. But I want an authentic Fraggle movie. Doozers eating construction and cotterpin. Can’t wait.

  2. I collect doozers, books, toys and I love Fraggle Rock. I’m 60 and I watched it with my children when they were little.

  3. I collect Doozers, have a fraggle rock coloring book, and 2 children’s books, hard cover and started a collection of toys that one of the restaurant s gave out. My Gmail is doozer. I’m 60. Would love a movie.

  4. Pam sandridge says:

    YAAAAAAY!  My son Matty is a Fraggle Rocker!!! Finally, a MOVIE!!!

  5. marian says:

    I’m  so excited to watch this i have a full arm sleeve  tattoo  of the characters  off Fraggle rock 

  6. maggs says:

    Live action? But will there be muppets?

    • sharadoc says:

      Right, will it be like a Muppet movie or will it be humans playing Fraggles?  And will Cotterpin Doozer be in the movie? She was my hero!

      • Ross P. says:

        I’m assuming it will be like the Muppet Movie. The original used puppets and live actors.

    • Brett says:

      Live action just means it’s filmed in real time, as opposed to animation. The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted are live action films. So yeah, it sounds like there will be puppets. And I’m glad, because I’d hate to see the Fraggles as computer generated nightmares like The Smurfs and Alvin & The Chipmunks.  

  7. neena says:


  8. ErikMarie says:

    Yes please.

  9. Jen says:

    Ahhhhhhh so excite!!!

  10. Lacey says:

    So. Damn. Excited. I am geeking like no other.