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Jonah Hill is Not Quite “The Champ” in SNL Feel Good Sports Parody

“It’s not about whether I won or lost; it’s that I gave everything I am to my team.”

“You’re a hero Nate.”


In this prerecorded sketch from last night’s Saturday Night Live, a parody of feel-good sports stories about unlikely winners, host Jonah Hill played a high school wrestler who had just pulled off the upset of his life by besting his previously unbeaten opponent, only to find out that while his victory was a very big deal, it was for all the wrong reasons.

“Tonight’s top story is a heartwarming tale of generosity, as undefeated high school wrestler Tyler Stevens allowed himself to get pinned by the school loser as an act of charity.”

It only went downhill from there. The news interviewed his classmates who revealed the whole community was in on the plan because everyone felt sorry he “sucks so hard.” Then his charitable opponent talked about actually having to be near him.

“What I meant to do was sorta let him have, like, a come from behind, sorta movie-style victory, but when we got close to each other he smelled so bad that I just had to let him pin me like right away.”

Those interviews would prove to be the most positive, as an extended interview with the school janitor, played by Keenan Thompson, resulted in much worse insights about Nate being shared with everyone, including the information about his girlfriend–the pumpkin Nate keeps in his locker, the one with a “very little hole” in it.

While really a sad story for Nate, it was nice to see a town come together to make “one weird reject” feel a lot better about himself. No wonder it was a much bigger story than Will & Grace‘s Eric McCormack killing the oldest living twins.

What was your favorite sketch from this week’s SNL? Make us feel good by sharing your answer in the comments below.

Image: NBC

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