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JOHN WICK is Back—and We’re Thinking You Need These Fan Crafts

JOHN WICK is Back—and We’re Thinking You Need These Fan Crafts

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Yeah, I’m thinkin’ he’s back. John Wick returns to the big screen in the appropriately titled John Wick: Chapter 2 on Friday, February 10th, in what we hope is the second of many chapters to come. Keanu Reeves in a suit kicking ass is just the thing that moviegoers need right now.

In his three decades long career, Keanu Reeves has scored big and in his latest series fans can’t get enough of John Wick in action. These fan art pieces are a tribute to the best man’s best friend revenge movie of all time.

John Wick Custom Minifig by Collector’s Solution
The ultimate compliment is when you’ve been recreated in LEGO form. While there are no official John Wick Legos this custom minifig will hold us over. Just imagine if there was a little LEGO dog, a LEGO Mustang Cobra for him to drive around in, oh what about a John Wick suit store? Think of all the bricktastic possibilities.

John Wick Felted Dog by House of Raifere
Ah yes, the pup that started it all. Little Daisy the dog helped mend John’s broken heart and this hand-felted puppy is a trinket that can be carried around in her memory. Only 3-inches tall, the detailing on this is beautiful and she even comes with a tiny faux leather collar and a “daisy” charm just like in the movie. Collective *sigh.*

John Wick Art by Rebels Life
Offset by a calm yet mysterious lavender background, the most adorable little hitman you’ve ever seen seems ready for anything in this John Wick portrait that captures Keanu Reeves’ best expression in the most kawaii of ways.

John Wick Stamp by Pipes Drums
Look, if you don’t have a rubber stamp of Keanu Reeves then what are you even doing with your life? We’d use this stamp on your lunch bag so no one steals it from the office refrigerator—because who’s going to mess with John Wick’s ham sandwich? No one. Stamp your paperwork with this instead of your signature. All documents are now approved by John Wick. You can and should use this to sign your Christmas cards. I’m saying you need this, you need this now.

John Wick Doormat by DMXY
What better way to welcome guests to your home than with a John Wick doormat. Made of “machine-washable neoprene,”—wait, NEOprene? There’s a Matrix Easter Egg in this product description which makes this an even more of a must-buy for any Keanu Reeves fan.

What’s your favorite thing about John Wick? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Collector’s Solution, House of Raifere, Rebels Life, Pipes Drums
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