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JESSICA JONES Season 2 Titles Revealed Through Pulp Illustrations

Later this week, Marvel’s Jessica Jones will return to Netflix for its long-awaited second season. This year, Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg lined female directors for each of the 13 episodes. Now, Netflix has paid tribute to Jessica’s roots as a comic book heroine and a pulp detective with 13 new illustrations by female artists. Each poster reveals the name of an episode from season two, while offering a few hints about Jessica’s upcoming trials.

“Start at the Beginning” by Stephanie Hans

“Freak Accident” by Jen Bartel

“Sole Survivor” by Elizabeth Torque

“God Help the Hobo” by Kate Niemczyk

“The Octopus” by Colleen Doran

“Facetime” by Erica Henderson

“I Want Your Cray Cray” by Audrey Mok

“Ain’t We Got Fun” by Joyce Chin

“Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed” by Jenny Frison

“Pork Chop” by Amy Reeder

“Three Lives and Counting” by Ema Lupacchino

“Pray for My Patsy” by June Brigman

“Playland” by Annie Wu

It’s worth noting that episode nine’s cover hints that someone will attempt to assassinate Jessica in her own home, and episode 12, “Pray For My Patsy,” hints at an ominous fate for Jessica’s adoptive sister, Patsy “Trish” Walker; it also has the unusual image of Jessica using a gun. The cover for the season finale, “Playland,” appears to call back to Jessica’s discovery of the shrine that Kilgrave created for her in the first season. But if Kilgrave is dead, who is pulling her strings now? We’ll find out this Thursday, March 8, when Netflix drops the entire second season of Jessica Jones.

What do you think about the Jessica Jones pulp-inspired comic book covers? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Netflix

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