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Jeff Bridges Abides THE BIG LEBOWSKI Sequel

We’re doing our best here at Movie Morsels to turn this Monday into a fun day, starting with word from The Dude himself (or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) on his interest in a sequel to the 1998 comic masterpiece The Big Lebowski. Plus, more Suicide Squad photos, a new Pete’s Dragon featurette, and much more!

The Big Lebowski 2

Big Lebowski

Yes, I know. It’s sacred, untouchable, and one of the greatest American screen comedies of all time. Plus, comedy sequels are almost never worthwhile. But if The Dude would like to make a follow-up to The Big Lebowski, well, how can we argue with him? Hell, I’d probably pay money just to watch Jeff Bridges stand on a street corner in a bathrobe while holding a White Russian suggesting alternate ways of saying the name “Dude.” Though the Coen Brothers have ix-nayed the possibility of a sequel or spin-off, Bridges tells Business Insider that he’d love to see John Turturro make his long-planned solo film about his infamous pederast bowler Jesus Quintana…

“I think it’s a great idea,” says Bridges. “It might be fun playing a little cameo as The Dude.”

As for his thoughts on a sequel, Bridges tells the outlet…

“I’m hoping they make a little Lebowski [sequel] because it’s all set up. I impregnated Maude [Julianne Moore]. As The Stranger says, ‘There’s a little Lebowski on the way,’ you know?”

While it’s unlikely the Coens will change their tune—and that’s probably for the best—Bridges’ suggested title The Little Lebowski is pretty damn perfect. Hey, Joel and Ethan, maybe you guys could make it work as an animated short?


Suicide Squad

Jared Leto’s behind-the-scenes antics on the set of Suicide Squad sound like they merit an entire film of their own. In just four days we’ll know whether or not the stunts he performed to get into character as the Joker were worth it. In the meantime, Leto is sharing some fresh pics of himself as the newly crowned Clown Prince of Crime, including one of Mr. J and his Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) that captures the demented dynamic the two have long enjoyed in comic books and cartoons…

Here’s another new one 💚🐊🍏🐍🌲🌵@suicidesquadmovie #joker A photo posted by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on


Pete’s Dragon

Word on the streets is that Disney’s Pete’s Dragon remake is surprisingly effective, and an even better film than the 1977 original. The fantasy epic’s titular CG critter, the furry flying Elliott, is examined in a new featurette, “Behind the Wings,” which operates on the conceit that Elliott is real. If you’ve ever wanted to watch Bryce Dallas Howard cough up a hairball, welcome to nirvana…


The Mummy

While Tom Cruise may not be as young and spry as he once was, he still looks a darn sight better than most of the 54-year-olds I’ve met, as can be seen in a new pic of the action star with his Mummy cast mates Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, and Annabelle Wallis (who shared the photo on her Instagram page). The reboot is written by Jon Spaihts and directed by Alex Kurtzman, and features Star Trek Beyond‘s Sofia Boutella as the title monster. The Mummy arrives on June 9, 2017.

that’s cool! #themummy #tomcruise #annabellewallis

A photo posted by Tom Cruise (@best_cruise) on




Last but not least today… Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that the Flatliners remake will in fact be a sequel, since he’ll be playing the same character he played in the original 1990 supernatural thriller…

“I play a professor at the medical university,” Sutherland tells Metro. “It is never stated but it will probably be very clearly understood that I’m the same character I was in the original Flatliners but that I have changed my name and I’ve done some things to move on from the experiments that we were doing in the original film.’

I’m betting the reason it’s not stated his character is the same one from the original is so the new film can call itself Flatliners instead of Flatliners 2, like the 2011 prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing called itself The Thing. And we all know how well that turned out…


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