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Jamiroquai Released Their First Music Video in 7 Years

Perhaps the best thing about dance music is its perennial qualities. “One More Time” still sounds fresh, “Sandstorm” will always get a crowd going, and “Virtual Insanity” gets every foot tapping. It’s only when dance giants return that we realize how long we’ve made it without new songs from them. Case and point: Jamiroquai.

The London acid jazz act just announced they will release a brand new album called Automaton on March 31 via Virgin EMI. It’s their first full-length since 2010’s Rock Dust Light Star. With the announcement comes their first new music in seven years, the title track, which makes the long wait worth it. “Automaton” lays down some early-aughts style. Think of glittery melodic synth, sparse slap bass, and fading knob turns. Then, halfway through, Jamiroquai turn around and open a box of their classic sounds: funk guitar, breakdown dance beats, and ’70s goodness. It’s a return to funk that satisfies longtime fans while embracing the new path of dance music.

In the song’s video, directed by Charlie Lightening, a man walks through dark hallways and what appears to be abandoned Tube lines in a futuristic helmet that moves on its own. It sounds creepy, but the footage is mesmerizing, complete with sci-fi eye shots, in a way that makes us wish this was a feature film. Future cosplay idea? Appropriately, the video starts off with an explosion, aka how your brain feels after hearing this song.

Hear “Automaton” for yourself above. Don’t forget to mark the album’s release date on your calendar, too. You’ll want to throw a proper dance party with friends (or rock it solo like Napoleon Dynamite) to celebrate.

Image: MTV; FOX; Paramount

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