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The Brocks’ “Going Nowhere” is a Dance Banger with INCEPTION Vibes (Premiere)

Have you ever heard a dance track that makes you wish you could dance on the floor, walls, and ceiling? The Brocks have just released a wide-eyed dance banger that will make you want to do just that and envisions the same gravity-defying feat of grooving for themselves in a new video that is reminiscent of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt fight scene from Inception and Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” music video.

“Going Nowhere” is a pure distillation of the electro pop that has become a staple of main stage music festival acts over the past 8 years. With lush keys, taut guitar plucking, muscular bass, and four-on-the-floor drums, the Oregon-based band have a major jam on their hands that people will probably be Shazam-ing soon.

The music video features a literal think-outside-the-box motif, as frontman Dane Brock, finds himself trapped inside of a waiting room with a TV featuring his bandmates playing their single without him. But that is nothing that some EDM and dancing on the wall won’t fix. Soon the rest of the band stages a rescue mission and busts their singer out of his strange purgatory. Somehow, they all manage to lock themselves in and it is up to the magical powers of dance music, screaming, punching, and throwing old TV sets around to break on through to the other side. I imagine they want this sort of ataxia to (peacefully) take over everyone who ever sees them live.

What do you guys think of this new track? Excited to hear more from the Brocks?

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Matt Grosinger is the music editor for the Nerdist and really hopes Jamiroquai makes a comeback this year. Perhaps hearing this new track is the catalyst they need.

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