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James Cameron to Be Immortalized as an ALIENS Action Figure

He may be the self-dubbed King of the World, the director of multiple movies that were the highest-grossing of all time in their day, and the mind behind an entire dedicated area of theme park in Florida, but there’s one thing James Cameron has never had until today: a toy of himself.

NECA—who are so determined to keep their lucrative Aliens toy license going that they even announced a Paul Reiser action figure recently—have given the film’s director a promotion: he’s now a Colonel in the Colonial Marines, making him the highest-ranking officer in the movie universe.


You might notice the Canadian flag patch on his shoulder—his outfit also includes the Lightstorm Entertainment logo and a patch for planet Pandora, which, for continuity nerds, doesn’t necessarily mean the Avatar and Alien filmed universes intersect…but they can in your toy box (if we ever get 7-inch scale Avatar figures). In addition to being armed for battle, however, he’s also ready to direct, coming with a viewfinder and a clapboard.


Cameron still has a ways to go before he beats Quentin Tarantino in sheer NECA figure quantity: they’ve done versions of him for Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, and The Hateful 8. But the company does have Terminator rights still, so…could we get a cyborg Cameron?

James Cameron will be available as a Toys R Us exclusive in the U.S. for $22.99, or you can preorder him online at the NECA Store from orbit; only way to be sure! We see you, James.

Is your collection ready for a character this titanic? Will he lay waste to your collection and render it an abyss? Or are these questions just true lies? Let us know in comments.

Images: NECA

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