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CORALINE Is Getting a New Action Figure for Comic-Con This Year

File this under “I’d never have guessed this was coming, but now I want it.” Henry Selick‘s 3-D stop-motion masterpiece, Coraline, adapted from the Neil Gaiman novel, was the first feature from Laika animation, and they have not misstepped since, what with ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings all having been creative triumphs, if not always blockbusters.


NECA made the initial toys for Coraline, in the form of several bendy figures, but none of Laika’s films have had toys since, even though all their characters are extremely “toyetic.” I’ve met CEO Travis Knight a few times, and I always ask him about that; his answers over the years have revealed that it’s been a combination of not having an established brand (Laika won’t do sequels), and his mind having been more on the creative focus than the branding side. But the last time I ran into him, his answer was “I need to get better about that.” Looks like he has.


Like their original Coraline figures, NECA’s Comic-Con exclusive is seven inches tall, bendy, and comes with a clear stand. She wears cloth pajamas and a blanket, and her box opens out to become a diorama, complete with green LED lights. In a limited run of only 3,000, she’ll cost you $40.


Here’s hoping this a test case for future Laika merch. Transforming Boxtrolls would be a no-brainer, as would that steampunk mech from the movie’s end. And let’s not forget the giant skeleton in Kubo!

Are you brave enough to enter the Other Mother’s web to pose Coraline? Do you “Laika” this as much as we do? Don’t button your lip (or eyes); tell us your thoughts in comments.

Images: NECA


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