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Episode 021: James Bonding
THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN with Greg Proops and Jeff Davis

James Bonding #021: The Man with the Golden Gun with Greg Proops and Jeff Davis

The Matts are back with special guests Greg Proops and Jeff Davis to discuss The Man With the Golden Gun!

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  1. Gzoref says:

     ove Greg Proops. If you hear him on other podcasts, he is an encyclopedia of Hollywood.

  2. Joe says:

    I’m so glad someone mentioned all the chew in J.W. Pepper’s mouth!  Watching this film for the first time I was already not super stoked to see him pop up again.  Add to that that he has just an excruciatingly uncomfortable amount of shit in his mouth in every shot and it’s like he has to fight through it to deliver his lines.  He can’t even close his lips!  I really enjoyed the film over all but that minor thing really stuck with me.

  3. Joe says:

    Now Playing Podcast has already discussed every single James Bond film, back in 2012. Visit

  4. Someone please tweet this to the Matts The Prop Store has some James Bond items up for auction

  5. James. But not Bond. says:

    Gonna be a little somber once the Matts get around to The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Though I’m expecting a Mission Briefing first. With the passing of Richard Kiel and the developments concerning Bond 24, there’s no doubt that stuff needs addressed before the Living Daylights episode. Can’t wait for the next pod!

  6. Fartbooty says:

    Dead James Bond guy is hi larious!

  7. Very sad news about Richard Kiel. Roger Moore said some sweet things about him on today’s BBC Newshour (download/listen to the podcast here: — Kiel segment begins at 20:53). Perhaps, while we’re waiting to hear the much-hyped and much-anticipated A View to a Kill LIVE episode, a quick ‘Mission Briefing 4 – In Memoriam: Richard Kiel’ ep could get cranked out. (c’mon!) #RIPJaws

  8. Vince says:

    9/11/14 – a 74 year old Richard Kiel, JAWS, passes away. 
    Moment of silence people. ………R.I.P. Big man

  9. Casey says:

    Christopher Lee yelling for tabasco is about to be my new text alert.

  10. spacebeers says:

    I’ve just started reading the books. Have you guys considered a book special once you’ve ran out of films. I never thought this would happen but I’m starting to prefer book Bond to film Bond now (aside from the massive racist bits. I’ve just got to Dr No. My word that’s racist).

  11. Jono11 says:

    Sooooooooo I’m still catching up with the podcast, having just heard about it, but have you guys given any thought to doing episodes on some of the fine Bond fanedits that are floating around the ol’ internet? There are a couple of fan cuts of the Brosnan films that make them shockingly watchable.

    • Andy says:

      I’ve not heard of any of the fan edits. What would be the best one to check out?

  12. Kyle says:

    I think it works really well to open the episode with the film’s theme song and end it with the Paul and Storm ditty.  It’s  a nice way to sign off and ease the pain of having to wait for the next one!  I look forward to this podcast more than any other show at the moment.  I Love it!  Thanks guys!

  13. Vince says:

    What fantastic guests! I always liked Jeff – thought he was way underused in Whose Line is it Anyway back in the day, but now I get to enjoy him here. He is quite a Bond fan and can do a great impression 😉 
    But now I HAVE to see this shot with the broken mirror! Y’know, I realize how useless this is NOW, since you’re pretty much done with all the movies, but it would’ve been great if you guys did a Youtube playlist for each episode of the podcast, a la what Earwolf’s “The Fogelnest Files” does? But that would probably require some work to actual rip them from the movies if the clips weren’t online beforehand. 
    Great ep, you guys! Fantastic guests and great discussion! 

  14. DAVIDPD says:


  15. Mark says:

    Hilarious, hilarious ep, almost certainly the funniest so far. “Stephanie Drinkbeav” nearly made me wreck my car, and I wasn’t even driving at the time. 
    Major props to Chris Tallman also, his Herve always killed me on Superego (what a thrill to hear that score again!) and he brought it here too.

  16. Jack says:

    It was a small moment, but Davis’s incredulous “you shittin’ me?” at the slide whistle made me burst out laughing.

  17. English Dave says:

    I’ve always loved Greg but I simply cannot agree with his comments about Moonraker and The Living Daylights. You are wrong, sir…wrong!

  18. Kid V says:

    Okay, who did they call? Didn’t Hervé Villechaize pass away sometime during the 90’s?

  19. English Dave says:

    Terrific stuff. Love Roger.

    But whoever made the joke about Moore “not even being able to fend off his own wife” when they’re watchiing the interrogation scene – not cool, sir.

  20. peter says:

    lol no.  Proops… if you’ve never heard his podcast, more than any other thing you could say about the guy, he’s a RAGING militant feminist who spends half his weekly show tearing sexism etc apart.  If there’s anyone who understands the the difference between objectifying and…  ehh, yaknow, just, no.

  21. CXRengel says:

    I’m glad that Greg Proops was still the guest for this episode. When Kumail Nanjani was a no-show for the last podcast, I was worried. And, I’ve heard enough episodes of “Harmontown” to recognize Jeff Davis. One of your best episodes in the series.

  22. somedumbguy says:

    I’m all for the occasional objectifying of women in good fun (keeps ’em in their place) but Proops constantly pointing out the hotness of the women was kinda weird and jostling for the flow of the show. Did the movie trigger some kind of “first days of puberty” episode?

    • somedumbguy says:

      Jarring! That’s the word I was looking for! Jarring.

    • Alberto says:

      I hope the first phrase of this comment wasn’t true; there’s no such thing as objectification of women in good fun. It’s demeaning, as is the idea that women should be kept “in their place”.

  23. skizzerfitz says:

    Hilarious show! I believe Ian Fleming described the basket game being played in Macau in Thrilling Cities?

  24. joshua Hammack says:

    Yes. Yes! YES!!!!! I can’t wait t listen to this.