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Episode 009: James Bonding

James Bonding #009: YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE with Vanessa Ramos

The Matts welcome Vanessa Ramos to the show to talk about You Only Live Twice!

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  1. Vince says:

    I know this is way, way, way, WAY after the fact — months after, actually — but I have to add this in. Because one of the first things said in this podcast was Matt explaining the title. He says, “You only live twice. Once, when you’re born. And once when you look death in the face – I think that’s (what the title refers to)”.

    So poetic and wonderful, Matt. However, you may be overthinking it, lol

    Today they’re giving ‘You Only Live Twice’ on BBC America, and I saw the following description they gave it while scrolling through channels on DirecTV.
    According to the *BRITISH* Broadcasting Corporation – America: “Agent 007 plays dead, then comes back as an Asian to save the World” lol. I am not even making that up! It says,

    “You Only Live Twice
    4:00p – 6:30p | TV-PG
    Movie, Action/Adventure. (1967) Sean Connery. Agent 007 plays dead, then comes back as an Asian to save the World”. Can you believe that!?! Hahahaha.

    So there you have it. As entrenched in 007 lore as Matt & Matt are, I think I’ll go with the Brits here. And now I know that the title refers to, “You only live twice. Once, when you’re normal, and once when you’re Asian’. Haha. I cannot believe this is on my TV screen! Oh I wish I could screencap it! It is glorious!

  2. I disgust this movie violently because it’s such a lame ass movie and unbearably racist(even for Bond standards imho). It doesn’t rank lowest for me only due to the AMAZING one-take fight scene on the warehouse. This might be the best single shot in any bond movie. The fight scene in the office space also was great because of the set design and its grittiness.

  3. Vince says:

    How can you guys not do a whole podcast as Ian Fleming and Roald Dahl? This is a crime! Your guys’ British voices are 100% accurate & perfect! πŸ™‚

  4. Mike says:

    The line about taking a first in Oriental languages at Cambridge was a little goofy. But I give it a pass, because (1) it was in the book, and (2) it was the only time in the entire series when he at least attempts to explain why he’s fluent in every language in the world. After this, any time he needs to know Russian, Egyptian, Greek or 16th Century Sanskrit, he just speaks like a native with no explanation.

  5. Kevin says:

    It was another great podcast, BUT, did you guys have a guest for this podcast? Seriously, Vanessa Ramos had her funny moments but she was so quiet that half the time I forgot she was even in the room with you. If she comes back she needs to jump into the underwater lair with both feet.

  6. Mike Brivel says:

    Horribly, my mind immediately went to Robbie Williams when I heard the opening theme music. This is one of the best theme songs but I felt a little disappointment to not hear the Matt and Matt a cappella.

  7. jeff says:

    Thanks for talking about the James Bond maps of the films locations
    Bond on

  8. Nevans87 says:

    Wait a minute, you guys tore Die Another Day a new one, but you like You Only Live Twice?!

  9. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    I laughed out loud at the office I worked out with The German HR Department.” I am sorry I had to park at the lower volcano.” Thank you for making this.

  10. Adam says:

    I love that the episode featuring Donald Pleasence came out on Halloween.

  11. Admiral Kent says:

    Connery sleep-walks through this entire movie.

  12. Taylor says:

    Mira has mentioned a couple of times that Ian Fleming and Roald Dahl did some kind of trade-off switcheroo with the movie adaptations of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and You Only Live Twice…It was actually the same deal for both: Fleming wrote the novels and Dahl adapted them. The confusion may be that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang seems more like an original Dahl story, but it’s all Fleming. BONUS: The original title of You Only Live Twice was Little Little Nellie Nellie.

  13. vjj says:

    ANDY said: “There is always this for some fantastic Gourley Q.

    Thank you! I’m still laughing! πŸ˜€

  14. Colossus Prime says:

    I’m always amazed at how much older Connery looks in this movie than he did in Thunderball. I seriously find that more distracting than trying to figure out the whole making Bond look Japanese thing.

  15. Wildride says:

    It’s not spelled exactly the way you spell your name, but there are Gourlies who are septs of clan Lennox and Gourlys who are septs of clan Lennox or clan Forbes.

    But if you have your heart set on a James Bond tartan, that’s likely not gonna bother anyone. πŸ˜‰

    (Septs are families that associated with a particular larger clan. For example, my family name is Roy and we are of clan Robertson)

  16. Patrick LeJeune says:

    I really liked the first hour of this movie, but the second, oh boy.

  17. Wildride says:

    Based on the pixelation in porn and on HPV commercials, I think it’s an epidemic over there. #citationneeded

  18. Andy says:

    There is always this for some fantastic Gourley Q.

    I like You Only Live Twice, but I never really understood the Bond goes undercover in the least convincing disguise ever.

    @RG EXACTLY! I spent the entire time thinking he looked like a Romulan.

  19. RG says:

    This one starts out so friggin’ great… amazing theme song… and quickly becomes way too bonkers. I think somebody in the makeup room was watching ST:TOS (which premiered while You Only Live Twice was in production) and accidentally wound up modeling Connery’s Asian disguise on Spock.

  20. CXRengel says:

    It’s too bad that Greg Proops couldn’t be part of this. I would’ve loved to hear his thoughts on this one.

  21. Spencer says:

    @vjj I agree more Q and Ian Fleming also Mira please more accents. I love when you two do Fleming and Dahl.

  22. vjj says:

    Can Matt Gourley please imitate “Q” and Ian Fleming more? I love that.