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Episode 006: James Bonding
CASINO ROYALE with Amanda…

James Bonding #006: CASINO ROYALE with Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci

Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci join the Matts to talk about the sexiness that is James Bond and Casino Royale!

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  1. finally have time to carve out and catch up on this show (I feel like an idiot for not having listened earlier!)

    i didn’t listen to the goldfinger one based on the comments and skipped to this one. um, yeah. not doing that again. i couldn’t tell which lady was which but the one who purportedly said to have watched the movie a gazillion times but still got so much wrong was frankly, annoying as s**t. and enough with the generalizations. I grew up watching Bond and love the franchise but i’m not delusional enough to want to be in a relationship with him (yes, I’m a woman.) going to give the goldfinger one a chance now as the comments were misleading for this episode. but thumbs up for the guests’ enthusiasm…

  2. waterfloor says:

    Finally catching up on this podcast as I love Bond. Based on the comments, i skipped the goldfinger one and decided to listen to this one. not sure what the love is for this one– the guests are funny due to their enthusiasm but they aren’t very… bright. i don’t understand how one could watch the movie so many times and get so much wrong. also, the Matts never explain sufficiently to this insanely love-struck fan that Craig-Bond is VASTLY different to Connery-Bond.

    Well, I’ll go back to the goldfinger one as now I know that I can’t decide based on the comments.

  3. S says:


  4. David says:

    Quantum is a re-imaging of SMERSH not Spectre.

  5. Cat in NH says:

    I always thought that Vesper was working for Quantum, not Le Chiffre. The reason she was upset that Bond was losing was that she needed him to win so that she could steal the money and get her (now ex-) boyfriend released. If that were true, Vesper really was kidnapped and tortured by LeChiffre, but they were rescued by Quantum so that Vesper could continue with the job. Otherwise, they were out the money.

  6. Those gals were delightful. The initial “In a well” confusion charmed me deeply. It reminded me of Junes alternate experience of movies on HDTGM.

  7. Fartbooty says:

    Okay I’m writing this halfway through watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) This might just be my fave Bond movie ever now with a higher appreciation of Daniel Craig’s performance in TGWTDT man dat shit’s fuqin bonkers! (TGWTDT)

  8. Cory N. says:


    Just listening to the podcast I can tell you that the guy at the embassy is saying “Laisser Tomber!” which literally translates to “Let it Fall!” in French, but I assume he means it in the more colloquial sense of “Just let it go!”.

    By the way, this podcast is brilliant, fellas (and ladies). I have to force myself to hit the pause button for a few hours and let my brain soak it all in.

  9. Kimberly says:

    Casino Royal w/ Daniel Craig – all time favorite Bond film. THE GIRLS RUINED THE EPISODE! The overly chatty, 14 year old who thinks women desire to be controlled by bad boys – Oh Please! What a clueless waste of air. None of her comments had any value yet she dominated the conversation. How sad – could have been a great episode.

  10. Nomination for Podcast Award for ‘Best Callback in a Comedy Podcast’ – Matt Gourley, James Bonding episode 006
    (were such an award to exist)

    That last comment — “the list is life” — sneaked in by Matt at the last second (Bond-style), had me laughing out loud. Well done, sir.

  11. cV says:

    I’m keen to hear Maria’s review of “I’m getting too old for this shit”. The first one.

  12. Jason says:

    “M” = Minister (Minister of MI6)
    “Q” = Quarter Master

  13. Rich says:

    Re: Aston Martins. The Casino Royale car is left hand drive. Skyfall is right hand drive. If we’re to assume they are the same car they’d have to change it when they added the guns etc… If not then they are two different cars.

    Also why is a guy laying a $2 million car on a relatively low states casual poker game?

  14. Andrew Jansen says:

    Guys, really? There’s a view that two rare Aston Martin DB5s exist, one being the CR one from the Bahamas and the other being the Goldfinger one? Sorry, but Matt you’re wrong on this and Matt is right (ha!) – Casino Royale is a reboot. No continuity prior to that film exists. Therefore, the Skyfall one is the Casino Royale one, and not the Thunderball one (since the Goldfinger one was destroyed).

    Also, Dalton’s carpet ride was in Tangiers, not Afghanistan. 🙂

  15. Jesus Lopez Jr says:

    I would love to see Daniel Day Lewis as a Bond villain, only because he is so method, I would like to see how he prepares for the role by becoming a real life supervillain. Weather machine? Doomsday device? Who knows, but it would be cool

  16. Jono says:

    I guess one assumes that since the Skyfleet prototype was successfully unveiled and not blown up, their stock went up.