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Will J.J. Abrams Change Rey’s Parents in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX?

Simon Pegg said J.J. Abrams originally had a different plan for Rey‘s parents than what we saw in The Last Jedi, so could he change things again in Episode IX? On today’s Nerdist News Talks Back we discussed if she might still end up being related to the Skywalkers, along with the future of Flashpoint, and if the next Indiana Jones will be a woman.

Guest host Dan Casey was joined today by editors Alicia Lutes and Kyle Anderson, as well as producer Jesse Gill. They started with the subject that will apparently never die: Rey’s real parents. (Sigh.) Simon Pegg said J.J. Abram’s plans for them were more in line with Star Wars “lineage,” hinting at more of a Skywalker connection. Could he retcon this in the last film in the trilogy? If he does will it undo some of the emotional impact of The Last Jedi? Would doing so appease the fans who didn’t like Rian Johnson’s film? If Rey’s parents don’t change, will the next movie focus on Kylo who actually is a Skywalker? And did Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy do the right thing in not mapping everything out so much in advance?

There’s also a new report the Flash movie won’t be called Flashpoint, but that it still might adapt that story line just under a different name. What do we make of this? Are all of the film’s changes with directors and writers something to worry about, or is DC doing what they need to to get it right? Are they still making this movie just so they can reboot the franchise? Speaking of the DCEU, do we believe Matt Reeves’ claim his Batman movie is coming along well? And will all of the studio’s schedule shuffling hurt them with moviegoers?

Finally, Steven Spielberg said he’s open to a woman taking over as Indiana Jones after the fifth movie, which he expects will be Harrison Ford’s last playing the character. What do we think of this gender-swap idea? How would we like to see them do it? A reboot, or a passing of the torch? Why doesn’t he understand calling her “Indiana Joan” is not how names work? And would we ever want to see the character in a more modern setting?

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