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IZOMBIE: Liv Turns Into a Prankster

IZOMBIE: Liv Turns Into a Prankster

Warning: This recap contains spoilers, undead and otherwise, for the iZombie episode “Eat a Knievel.” Go find some brains to eat if you haven’t watched yet.

Imagine a Liv interested in doing ridiculous stunts and pranks. That’s what we got in “Eat a Knievel” after she ate the brains of Finn Vincible. I wasn’t a fan of the victim, but his name I have to admit it’s catchy.

But! Before we talk braaains, let’s discuss an episode highlight. The highlight that is Blaine. Since he lost Peyton because, you know, he kept a huge secret from her, he’s been in a downward spiral. I’m disappointed in him for seemingly giving up on a somewhat straight path, but I also like seeing criminal Blaine in action. I’m not sure Blaine’s fully back in villainous territory yet though. He confronted his father in a big way, which I’m on board with. His father is an awful specimen of human and was so cruel to Blaine and his mother that I don’t blame him for wanting retribution.

Blaine also got back in business with Don E. Did you see the joy on Don E.’s face when Blaine said he would give him total control of The Scratching Post? I can’t place a finger on why I root for Don E., but I can’t help myself. He’s shown a surprising amount of business acumen and resilience since iZombie started.

The Meal


With the victim dying by being burned alive (his fire retardant suit was swapped out for a flammable one), Ravi suggested grilling the brains barbecue style. Insert loving eye roll here. Liv followed his advice and cut the brain into a thick cerebral matter steak. She covered it in what looked like chili powder (share your best dry rub for brain recipes in the comments, please) and threw the steak in a pan on the stove. Yum.

Later in the episode, Liv made a dish she could share with Justin. She chopped up Finn’s brain and served it in some spaghetti.



I’ve never seen the show Jackass, but I have to imagine the Stunted Growth’s operating procedures are similar. To summarize their qualities in a few words, they were all obnoxious, loud, and selfish. They performed stunts, pranks, and some stupid moves for the sake of doing it and capturing views for their YouTube series. They may have been more focused on the latter, which means they were willing to push stakes higher for the sake of their “brand”—insert a less loving eye roll here.

On Finn’s brain, Liv seemed to run on adrenaline. She was attracted to actions like smashing cans on her forehead and using glue on the handle of a coffee mug. Those moves are already head scratchers, but Liv went a step further and asked Justin to get his hands on Super Max. I know they’re already zombies, but the beverage hasn’t exactly done great things for anyone.

She was straight up reckless. It was kind of toxic. You could see how the behavior was gross when it came to Rudy. He played along with Finn being a complete and total asshole because he didn’t want to look uncool. And these are all adults—shouldn’t they be beyond that sort of foolishness? Stunted Growth is bullying on lower, worse level. Ugh.


Liv bonded with Finn’s pals and crew, too. Instead of staying on the other side of the interrogation table, she joined them in stapling various body parts and causing each other bodily harm. Something about Finn’s brain made her throw in with them even though they were technically suspects. Clive was not amused, and I so don’t blame him. I’m surprised he didn’t ask Ravi to accidentally dispose of the rest of Finn’s brains to keep Liv from them.

Completely unrelated: Do you think it’s a good idea for Major to continue working with Fillmore Graves? I know he has the whole serial killer suspect thing tarnishing his background checks, but I’m worried for his well being. Let me know your thoughts on the subject and the rest of the episode in the comments.

Images: The CW

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