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Is the iPhone 6 Better than Android?! Freddie Wong Weighs In

There is no Jessica Chobot, there is only Freddie Wong!

On today’s episode of Nerdist News, everyone’s favorite Rocket Jumper takes over the show to tell us when we might be getting the iPhone 6, what major changes are in store for the device, and how it’ll best Samsung and the Android! PLUS, Dan Casey writes in with a dispatch from the front lines of the Pull List!

Enjoy today’s show, come see us again tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below which OS you side with! Oh, and make sure you listen to Jessica Chobot and CM Punk talk to Freddie and the RocketJump gang in their Comic-Con Facerocker podcast!


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  1. abrac says:

    i like apple and android , and other too, they are all competition , and always wanna be best so they are pushing technology foward much faster 😀 

  2. Quinn says:

    Commenting to say that your player is “broken.” I don’t know if it’s just my computer, but I can’t pause unless I’m in fullscreen, and if I try then it continues on playing except it stutters like crazy like I’m rapidly pausing and unpausing a thousand times a second with the Play icon in the middle.

  3. Matthew S says:

    I’m a cell phone repair technician and I can firmly state that iphones are clearly inferior in both internal, external, and interface design.  Apple has a tight grip on its customers, giving them the illusion that their products are better.  Both Apple and Android have their ups and downs but Apple chooses to be exclusive in design, even going so far as to prohibit the use of 3rd party charging units through firmware updates and forcing customers to pay exorbitant rates to unlock their devices.  Not to mention how easy it is to damage the 4 and 5 series devices, adding to our business. 

  4. marces says:

    Ok this a dumb article. Your comparing hardware to an OS, and you all are eating this shit up.

  5. Manny says:

    Mr. Wong can go eat a Dong. Android all the way!

  6. I’m more of a wallet fan, that’s why I don’t pick iPhone for $600 while saying I like that it’s simple, I don’t need extra stuff. And that’s also why I’m fan of Nokia WinPhone and also Nexus and Moto devices. Samsung forgot how to android.

  7. Phych says:

    To understand which phones are better, we must look at the words that make them up.
    iPhone –> iP hone: iP = Internet Protocol. hone = refine or perfect (something) over a period of time. What do mostly do on the Internet? Facebook.Obviously, Apple has been refining the iPhone to be the perfect Facebook access device, and it shows.
    Android –> An droid. An = the form of a before an initial vowel sound. droid = a person regarded as lifeless or mechanical.Obviously Android has bad self-esteem if it refers to itself as lifeless or mechanical. It’s probably emo. It also has bad grammar. Don’t trust an emo with bad grammar.

  8. Mous3 says:

    Windows phone?

  9. luis t. says:

    One question do you still need an app to send doc email attachments from your phone?….enough said. The fact is that apple devices while very stable and well designed devices are specifically designed to get the most money out your pocket and providing minimal innovation. Just look at how much you pay for memory, and no interchangeable battery, so they can get you with those facy battery extender cases/devices. Why do you think apple comes out with a “new” phone every 6 months when every other company is on a yearly cycle. The final fact is that when I had my iphone device I felt like was shackled until I jailbroke my device and then we got a divorce and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

  10. ForeverXero says:

    Android = Myspace (Fully customizable UI, make your page look how YOU want it to!)

    iPhone = Facebook (You view your shit how WE want you to, from a staff that took hours figuring out the perfect variation of font that works best in every situation.)

    We all know how annoying it was to see overly edited Myspace pages people made just because they had the editable functionality. Being able to change everything about your phone isn’t always a good thing as you can see how things start to clash with each very quickly.
    iPhone = Visually appealing, designed by professionalAndroid = However you want it to, designed by you (usually not a design professional)

    • luis t. says:

      Fisrt You make no sense with your facebook/myspace analogy. Second “designed by professional” last time I checked it wasn’t Joe Smoe in a basement that designed my last android device. Third you obviously like people telling you what to do and holding your hand  (hey to each his/her own). Fourth and finally “l” buy my so “I” can use it, and “I” know best how “I” want to use my phone not some apple staff, nor you, nor facebook or even the Pope.  It is ludicrous to think that “I” will pay 600$ to 800$ for a phone that “I” can’t use as I please, because a company is hell bent in getting as much money as they can from me so they can tell me how happy I should be for using their device. When your are not paying attention 100 to 200 dollars for a  30 to 60 dollar memory upgrade on your phone, or premium dollars for a battery extender when just having an extra battery would beso much cheaper, then you can come and tell me how happy I should that apple is there to hold my hand and how I should sacrifice my first born to apple.

  11. Matt says:

    My phone platform is superior to yours!
    Sent from my Palm III

  12. Nasser says:

    Iphones are the AOL of cellphones. It’s what we tell our wives or moms to buy for their first phone. It’s not as “scary” as the other phones. My wife got an iPhone 4, loved it. Upgraded to iPhone 5, hated it. She went to the Galaxy s5, loves and is never going back to Apple. iphones are for people that need training wheels. Android is the big kid bike.

  13. antonis says:

    he said about galaxy samsung 6-7. what about iphone? whats their number wong? 19-20? 

  14. DarcroOnRs says:

    The fact is, iPhones cost far too much for what they actually are. At the same time, a lot of people seem to be forgetting that samsungs are not the only android phones. Personally I don’t like the Samsung Galaxy range. In my opinion the best phone on the market right now is the Nexus 5, which is what I have. If apple made a huge leap forward so that the iPhone was a lot better than phones like the Nexus 5 (and it would have to be a HUGE leap to justify the price difference, which won’t happen), I would buy an iPhone. Simple as that. iPhones are not in any way good value for money. Yeah they look good (Getting a bit too samey now though tbh) but plenty of other phones look good too (Such as the Nexus 5, not Samsungs though; too much shiny plastic). You want to feel like other people think you’re cool even though they don’t? Buy an iPhone. You have loads of money to spend on a fairly average phone? Buy an iPhone. You want a good phone for a good price? Buy a Sams…haha no. Buy a Nexus 5, or something else. Look around! You don’t need to just buy Samsung and Apple. They’re in a stalemate, not really improving much with each new model, under the pressure to bring out a new one every year. Move on.

  15. Orionsangel says:

    Android FTW! You know why? Because screw iTunes!

  16. there is no possible thing you can say about iphone that can overcome how badly Itunes sucks.

  17. beegees says:

    “Android blows!” LMAO love you Freddie! Look at all those android fagdroids (and I not even have an iPhone lol). Oh, if he wanted the money, he would have talked shit on Iphone paid by Samsung, as Samsung pays youtubers to do so.

  18. GreatBigRedTank says:

    soooo this is dumb because it’s another one sided analysis of two different products. your bias claims have no weight here jackie chan. ANDROID FTW. but the new apple looks f*** bawler son, M*** F*** OG, even though samsung came way before the egg. that sounded dirty #blessed

  19. Saša says:

    Windows phone .

  20. Andrew says:

    IPhones are great for old people who can’t figure out how to use a smartphone. IPhones came out with a great product years ago. But they haven’t really given anyone anything new or awesome like their first device. Android in my personal opinion does win. But I tweak my phone, root it, over clock the processor, undervolt it etc. I’m a power user so I need something that can really be customized like crazy. It fits my lifestyle.  both devices are fantastic. But apple makes you pay out the nose for their name and no real difference other than to say you have the new one. But to each his own, get what suits your needs and makes you happy. 

    • Steve says:

      The average end consumer, which are most people, do not need those functions. iPhones are made for the majority who can care less about power user functionality. Unless you’re a power user, dev, etc., it seems pretty pointless to overclock a cell phone. I have a 5s and not once have I ever said to myself “wow, I wish I had more customization”, or, “jeez, I need a higher core clock on my processor.” Everything I throw at it runs great. Games, video playback, you name it.
      My opinion would be different four years ago when mobile devices were generally slower (I rooted and OC’d an HTC Inspire back then), but with todays mobile devices featuring dual core 64 bit cpus (and even better), it seems pretty pointless to me as you already have enough speed to run any program optimally these days. 
      But hey, if you are an enthusiast for that kind of stuff (which you seem to be), then Im not stopping you. I just find it ludicrous that you say iPhones are no longer as great of a product because power user features are not easily accessible.

      • Jay says:

        64-bit…that is simply a marketing ploy. The fact that Apple is touting that as the highlight of the new OS is pretty sad, as it doesn’t really change the game at all. Yes, 64-bit CAN BE better for certain types of processing. Pure maths, for instance, but then a GPU is even better…
        The fact is, Apple’s handset is still hogtied by the same downsides that have plagued it since its inception: no removable battery, no expandable storage, no unblessed app installing (unless you want to break their walled garden by jailbreaking, but then why did you buy into it in the first place?), Apple branding (their elitist mindset is a big turn-off), and limited featureset. 
        I want my phone to push the envelope, not wait until everyone else has done it and then supposedly do it ‘better’ (according to…Apple). 
        Honestly, America is the only place in the world this device thrives, it enjoys a sub-15% marketshare globally because everyone else sees through the marketing.
        Apple is a marketing company first, a technology company second, an innovative company never.

  21. Jan says:

    1st Iphone 6 is not operating system as far as I know or android is not device… so you can not compare these two… I more like android phones… or Samsungs I don’t know how you call them. Iphones are stupidly expensive phones not only phones apple id stupidly expensive because every I don’t know pc which you can get from apple like for 2000€ you can get for 1000€ even better + you get windows and not some shitty IOS which is totally useless on computers! On phones? It’s not so bad It’s stable… but as I said stupidly expensive. So yes if you are stupidly rich or don’t know where you can give your money you can buy IPhone. Or simply give money to me 🙂

    • MacHack says:

      WTF… Did you just say that on a Mac, you get “some shitty IOS”? Because that is compmetely nonsense. Frist of all: Mac computers do not run on IOS – they run on OSX, which has been awarded as the best operating system in terms of costumer satisfaction. 

      • Taunt says:

        It’s not that hard to keep 10 people happy. The rest are diehard apple fanboys so they already loved it.

  22. Christian says:

    iPhones are perfect for people who want everything at their fingertips. Its simple and easy.

    Android are perfect for people who want a lot more customization and more control over their device.

    (Old iPhone User – Now Android User (Samsung S4))

  23. Charles says:

    Oh Freddy, what have you done. You have became a money sucking SWAG 
    Iphone6 is being compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 right now and most people say that Note is Better. 
    I Had an Iphone, my friends have iphones but my broke so i had to buy another phone, a cheaper one, i’ve bought the LG L90  and i must say that for i phone that cost around 200$ it’s a very good phone and i like it more than my iphone 4, its thiner, liter, the screen is bigger and it does more stuff than the iphone, the only bad thing about it its that after about a hour of gameplay its hot xD 
    The iphone is good for people who need simplicity but however that doesnt mean its better, can you access your computers desktop on a iphone? can you use it as a remote control? can you hack into a computer with an iphone? 
    By the way by buying an iphone 3/4 of the price you pay for the company logo for the price of an iphone you can buy LG G2,G3, Xperia Z2,Z1 and so on. so Freddy you lose, Iphone besides simplicity and a smooth OS has nothing, there processor is even made by SAMSUNG and thats not the only thing that is SAMSUNG’S and it’s in a Iphone

  24. Ryan says:

    Josh really didn’t sound like a fanboy of any sort. He is right though the way Fred said the things he said was simply unprofessional, and disrespectful to those who’s opinions he is putting down.

  25. ObviousAndroidFan says:

    BUT Apple has decline in monthly revenue.

  26. Justin says:

    I want a phone, not a 3.5″ 720p screen.

  27. Quinn says:

    Well, he’s technically comparing two operating systems because iPhones have the proprietary Apple OS. This is part of the problem. I’ve talked in depth with a very successful hedgefund manager about this, and he uses iPhone exclusively because of the software (which was a little weird to hear at first.) He believes it to be better made and more secure than any Android phone out there and the truth is that he’s probably right. He *hates* his iPhone, but won’t switch because the software is better. Google has dozens of different types of phones in circulation, all made by different companies but running their Android software on it. It means that they have to design it with a “one size fits all” mindset instead of focusing on making one software with one type of phone with one processor that they are in control of. You can just see that it’s different by the companies. Motorola has slightly different software than Samsung which is also different from HTC. There are currently 40 different phones made by 4 different companies that are getting the latest 4.4 Kitkat update for the Android software compared to the single iPhone 5S and backwards compatibility of the older models. 
    All this being said, I’m still an Android user just because I like the UI better and I like Swype typing.

  28. Tyson says:

    Its actually sub 720p. Not even true hd.