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Is IRON MAN 4 Happening or Not?

Are you guys gonna see The Judge this weekend? Well, Robert Downey Jr. is hoping that if he dangles that Iron Man 4 carrot in front of you long enough you might! The actor’s on a major press tour for his new movie, and has thus been bombarded with questions about when we might see Tony Stark star in his own solo movie again. The answer so far may surprise you on today’s Nerdist News!

Join Jessica Chobot as she explores the will-he, won’t he drama surrounding the Iron Man fourquel and speculates on where both that series and the Avengers franchise could go next. PLUS we’ve got special guest Sara Schaefer on the show to tell us about her hilariously deceiving new Nerdist podcast Lies!

Thanks for watching today’s show, don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for an all-new episode, and let us know in the comments below if you’d rather see another Iron Man solo adventure, or watch him join up with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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  1. Joe says:

    Avengers Age of Ultron might be Iron Man 4 in another title form.  as it features an Iron Man villian in Ultron, and the return of War Machine.

  2. I  think the Marvel Cinematic Universe is building up to Infinity Gauntlet, not Civil War.

    The way we’ve been seeing the gems in the movies could be considered to be akin to Thanos Quest, in the sense that we are being shown what the gems can do and who has them.

    Rather than show Thanos himself – as a protagonist – go after each one  individually, he is most likely to  snatch them up from whoever has them at the end (ideally that would be Odin since he had the gauntlet with the gems already embedded on them in his vault. Maybe it’ll be some timey-wimey thing in that the gauntlet was there because Odin gets it in the future, not because he got it in the past, as in that linear time maybe doesn’t exist in the vault, so Thanos will steal it from the vault once the gems are all collected on it. Who knows. I’m just trying to rationalize a continuity mistake…).

    I imagine a scenario in which Thanos does have to come to Earth to collect the final gem, ideally in an episode of Agents of SHIELD. That would then lead into an Infinity Gauntlet movie.

    Cinematically, my theory is that Guardians 2 will end with the Guardians coming to Earth for something, which will lead into an Avengers/Guardians team up movie, which will then lead into Guardians 3 and whichever Avengers movie follows.