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Is Another GAME OF THRONES Reunion on the Horizon?

Oh you sleuthy Game of Thrones fans. You’re all so clever and eagle-eyed, didja know that? Seriously, who are y’alls eye doctors because I am IMPRESSED, though hardly surprised. Ye of trusty speculation and observation have done it again, noticing a tiny, possibly-maybe insignificant detail in a behind-the-scenes video from season 7’s production that could signify something major moving forward. We’re talking potentially insignificant but also—if proven correct—possibly huge spoiler here, so move ahead in this post at your own risk, OK? Because Sansa and Arya Stark may finally be reunited.


But how did the internet come to this conclusion? Well, over at BuzzFeed, it was pointed out that, in a frame in a behind the scenes video with costume designer Michele Clapton, it looks as though a member of production is holding favorite Ned Stark kid Arya Stark’s prized sword, Needle, in the background.

…in a scene featuring Sansa Stark.

*cue alarm bells*


The moment in question is at the 2:54 mark:

Given the juxtaposition of the Arya and Sansa shots in that moment, it’s hard not to see how similar these two pointy-seeming objects are to one another. Are they the same sword? It sure seems that way, and a Stark lady reunion at this point in the story feels like a thrilling plot point when you consider everything that’s going on with the sisters.

Sansa is currently brooding in Winterfell, very likely being poisoned by Littlefinger to be wary of Jon Snow and his newly acquired “King in the North” title (even though he’s not a Stark by name). And Arya’s recently murdered a pack of Freys as vengeance for their murder-y ways against her family. Happy reunion? Maybe.

…Or maybe not. After all, Arya’s become quite the little slaphappy murderhound and Sansa is definitely the easily manipulated, power-hungry, jealous type. We don’t blame either of them for how this whole situation has changed them, but it also means a deadly showdown could be imminent—after all, these two weren’t exactly the chummiest of sisters out there. I could very easily see Sansa OR Arya, frankly, try to kill each other. Especially since, it seems, Jon Snow will be leaving Winterfell and journeying both north AND south (to meet his aunt?!) in the wars to come.

It could also just be a happy coincidence, too: but seriously, where’s the fun in thinking like that?

Do you think we’re overthinking it though? Have any theories of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: HBO

Alicia Lutes is the Managing Editor of Nerdist, Maester-in-residence for all things GoT, creator/host of Fangirling!, and frequent Twitter user.

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