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Make INVADER ZIM Tacos or You Will Explode

Sing the Doom song! It’s been 15 years since the end of Invader Zim and this year, fans learned they’re going to be graced with the return of the cult classic animated show in the form of a movie. Only the The Almighty Tallest knows when the movie will make it’s debut, so until it all comes together we’ll have to make due and eat our feelings with Krazy Tacos.

Gir loves Earth food and who could blame him? Tacos are the greatest gift on this world has to offer (it’s science). It’s time to leave planet Foodcourtia behind and make your very own meal that resembles everyone’s favorite Standard Issue Information Retrieval unit. Spinach tortillas are the perfect stand-in for Gir’s Earth disguise and are stuffed full of Chicky Licky chicken and all the fixins.

Make these Irken specialties every time you hear Gir’s voice in your head come lunchtime, “But I neeeeeed tacos! I need them or I will explode!”

Invader Zim Tacos

You’ll need:
Rotisserie chicken

Spinach tortillas
Sour cream
1 red bell pepper
Sliced olives
Blue corn tortilla chips

Fold a tortilla in half, slice off the ends.

Place the open tortilla on a plate and fill with chicken, salsa, lettuce and cheese. Fold the tortilla over to close.

Fill a piping bag with sour cream, pipe two large eyes on both sides of the tortilla. Use the olives for the pupils and the face details.

Cut a small square of red bell pepper to create Gir’s tongue.

To finish, place pieces of tortilla chips for his ears, then serve.


What sort of taco filling would you stuff into your Gir? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Jenn Fujikawa
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