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INVADER ZIM #5 Exclusive Hot Topic Variant Cover

Can you imagine waking up in a world ruled by gamers, when you’re not a gamer? And having a sister who could save you, but she’s not there? And being at the mercy of the fearsome Lord Voxelrot?

That could get messy, but also awesome. If you’re willing, you can experience this adventure in issue #5 of the Invader Zim comic – you know, the series that’s based on Jhonen Vasquez‘s Nickelodeon show of the same name (the one that should never have ended!).

Here’s an exclusive variant cover reveal for this issue, by rad freelance artist, Katy Farina.


Speaking about her work, Farina told us, “As a kid I really loved laying out all my Gameboy games before picking something to play. Something about seeing all my favorite titles laid out was really satisfying to me – they were my little-kid treasures! I couldn’t resist a chance to come up with some titles for the Game Slave, because, let’s be honest, that love didn’t stop at childhood. Some titles that didn’t quite make it include Revenge of Squee: the Squee-ining, Legacy of Zimda, Dr. Pustulio, Irken Emblem, and Cybernetic Kitten Pinball. Embrace the Game Slave!”

I did the same thing with my Gameboy games, so it’s reassuring to hear that there are others.

To see more of Farina’s adorable art, take a look at her website and Tumblr blog. Her Invader Zim variant cover goes on sale at Hot Topic retail stores on December 16, so make sure you get in quick!

Calling all Invader Zim fans, what do you think of this variant cover? Reach out to me on Twitter with your thoughts, or make a comment in the section below.

IMAGE: Oni Press

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