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INVADER ZIM Lives! Returns This Summer in ONI PRESS Comic Book

Oni Press has teamed up with Nickelodeon and Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Earth’s most beloved would-be Irken conqueror, to bring all new tales of Zim’s exploits to fans this year! For a series that was cut short far too soon so very long ago, this has been most welcome news all across the fandom. The general consensus on Tumblr has been thus:

Invader Zim joins a host of other series who found life on the page after their tenure on the screen had ended. Shows like Smallville and Buffy continued their seasons in comic book form. However, unlike those two in which the time difference between series finales and publishing dates was comparatively short, this has been a long time coming. The last new proper broadcast appearance of Zim was the season 2 premiere in 2002. It was cancelled before the remaining finished episodes were shown. Those finished season 2 episodes eventually surfaced via DVD and the Nicktoons Network in the years since, but it has ostensibly been 13 years (not really 84) since an official new appearance by Zim & Co.

Portland-based Oni Press will take over the reins of producing new scheduled stories starting on July 1st. Oni Press has a rich publication history including Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Princess Ugg, The Sixth Gun and Letter 44 among others. As Invader Zim’s humor always skewed a bit older than Nickelodeon’s average audience age, Vasquez will have no trouble at all with his new publishing partner. As Oni’s Editor in Chief James Lucas Jones puts it:

All of us at Oni Press are elated to be bringing the first new Invader Zim stories in years to a rabid fanbase. Getting to tell those tales with folks from the show like Jhonen, Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart, and Rikki Simons just makes it all the more sweet.”

If you need a refresher crash-course and you subscribe to Amazon Prime, all released episodes of Invader Zim can be viewed on demand. So, what say you, readers? On an intensity level of one to Gir how excited are you to see Zim, Dib, Gaz & Gir return for all new adventures?


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  1. Zabriskie says:


  2. Sami Millsap says:

    Insert Gir seizure here! XD(Ima sing da doom song til Jooli Firsts!) Doom Da Doo Doom Da Doom Doom-

  3. Sami Millsap says:


  4. Morgan says:

    Bow down, BOW DOWN, BEFORE THE MIGHT OF SANTA!!!! x3 😀

    • So Friggin' Happy says:

      It’s “power of,” but holy crap – I don’t care! The fandom is going to be real happy in four months.

  5. Stephanie says:

    The seasons are also on Hulu

  6. zack says:

    Fingers crossed for a big guy and rusty reboot

  7. James Boyer says:

    Gir!!! Release the monkeys! MONKEYS!!!!!

  8. James says:

    Broken Bone

  9. Pixiechiclet says:

    “Let us rain some doom upon the heads of our doomed enemies.”

  10. Pixiechiclet says:

    “Let us rain some doom down upon our doomed enemies.”

  11. Pidgeon says:

    I had to make room for the tuna… 

  12. Josiah says:

    It’s me, I was the turkey all along!

  13. Lon says:

    Enjoy your Moosey fate… I know I will

  14. Cav says:


  15. Eric says:

    I love tacos!

  16. jim says:

    Now lets see a JTHM return in some form…like a movie or somthing