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Interviews From The Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon

Remember that awesome Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon that happened a few weeks back in LA? The one that if you didn’t get to attend left you writhing in a pool of sticky jealousy? (Was that just me?) Our own Donnie Lederer gave us a recap that is the next-best thing to having been there, including a gallery of pictures from the event. Well, now we have a few more videos from the event that can help you (and me tbh) allay those Hulk-green jealous feels. 

Above you’ll see Chris Hardwick have a Guardians of the Galaxy chat with director and co-writer James Gunn and co-star Michael Rooker (Nerdist favorites, both) who have some choice words for the few folks in the El Capitan who HADN’T seen Guardians yet.

Below, our own Brian Walton, Rachel Heine and Dan Casey had the chance to interview Clark Gregg, Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce, and Deborah Ann Woll and Max Hernandez respectively, and now we can share those interviews with you! I’ve included a few quotes from these Marvel denizens

Clark Gregg

On how it’s been having evolved from a cameo agent in Iron Man to leading a network action series –

“The short answer is: Dope! Um, Awesome! I geek out on a daily basis. I’m like ‘I’m still getting to BE this guy!?’ Oh, there’s a Kree Warrior. I get to do THAT now? Okay, thats cool. Oh, that’s an Inhuman! I read the script and then we’re going to Inhumans! Oh and these guys want to put them in a camp, that sounds like they’re gonna start a civil war, just to coin an expression. It’s really fun. It would be less fun if Marvel wasn’t doing such cool stuff in terms of telling one story across all of these platforms and to kind of see it all come together in this amazing marathon, which I think kind of shows you how the story’s all working is amazing.”

On how exciting it is to be working in the Marvel Universe –

“The fact that I was able to actually say the line or two I had there [addressing the assembled Avengers] and not just fall to the floor dying … it’s been an amazing, fun ride. A lot of people kind of have to let go of their (inner) nerdy 11-year-old and mine is just with me every day on my shoulder grinning.”

Drew Pearce:

On creating the movie before and during The Avengers release –

“When we started working on it, Avengers hadn’t come out and we had no sense of how huge Avengers would be … It was while we were shooting [Iron Man 3] that The Avengers kind of blew up, but what was great is that it fed into [Iron Man 3] and, as you were saying it’s one of the first superhero movies that really, even in it’s small way, tries to show the central character dealing with the massive stuff that came before it, whilst also, trying to be (a solo film after a team-up film) one of the other big challenges was ‘Hey, the whole team are together (in Avengers)! Oh, now it’s just one of them.’ It helps when you’ve got Robert Downey Jr., obviously, as that one person. He can fill a movie.”

On including Mark Ruffalo

“It was only a few months before, again we had the voiceover and we were playing around with a bunch of things for the ending, and again, who doesn’t love science bros?”

Deborah Ann Woll:

On what it’s been like joining the Marvel Universe in Netflix’s Daredevil

“It’s been great, I mean the fans are fantastic, it’s nice that there’s such a strong base of people who care so much about the characters. And I get to come to cool events like [The Marvel Movie Marathon]!”

On a favorite on-set moment –

“Sure, we kept laughing about one of the characters in our series calls Foggy Nelson ‘Señor Foggy’ so, at the end of our season when we’re putting up the Nelson & Murdock sign on the wall, we surreptitiously taped a little sign that said ‘Señor Foggy Law’ so we liked the idea that it should not be Nelson & Murdock, but that it should be SeñorFoggyLaw, one word”

Max Hernandez:

On the best part of being a veteran of the Marvel Universe –

“I did it strictly for the toys and comics. That’s what showed up at my door. Paycheck? No! I want some vinyl figurines and stuff like that. For me it’s been a dream.”

On a favorite on-set moment –

“One of my favorites though, is there’s a stunt guy who has actually done all of the stunt stuff for me in all of the Marvel stuff, Tony Perez–and I gotta give a shout out to all of the stunt guys because Marvel employs so many stunt guys–to me one of the best moments is there’s a scene in Winter Soldier where I get kicked off a building and, it was one of those like ‘Cut!’ and then I was like ‘Alright, Tony step on in!'”

Awesome, right!? The marathon was an all-encompassing primer for this weekend’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and it is imperative that you get thee to a theatre forthwith and watch the next chapter in Marvel’s constantly growing string of films.

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