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Who is the Screenslaver in the INCREDIBLES 2 Trailer?

Warning: There are potentially big spoilers ahead for Incredibles 2!

This summer, Disney and Pixar are giving fans the sequel to one of the greatest superhero movies that isn’t based on a comic book. The Incredibles gave movie lovers the best Fantastic Four-like film we’ve seen so far, and Incredibles 2 is keeping the tradition alive 14 years later. But who is the mysterious new villain, the Screenslaver? Today’s Nerdist News may hold the answers.

Join guest host Amy “No capes!” Vorpahl, as she pulls the metaphorical mask off of the Screenslaver to reveal…Bob Odenkirk? Wow, Saul is really breaking bad this time! Odenkirk’s character, Winston Deavor, is a telecommunications mogul who throws his support behind Elastigirl and the rest of the superheroes to make them popular again. As you can see in the trailer, superheroes are still outlawed and the Parr family is put in handcuffs after their battle with the Underminer.

But doesn’t Winston’s agenda clash with the Screenslaver’s goal to use television and computer screens to enslave the minds of helpless people? Not at all. In fact, by using Elastigirl to build up good will and a sizable audience, Winston could simply draw in more people at once. It’s not too different from the way¬†Syndrome used the heroes and Mr. Incredible to perfect the Omnidroid. We believe the Screenslaver is using the same tactic against Elastigirl.

There is also a chance that Winston is innocent, even if he is behind the Screenslaver’s mask.¬†Catherine Keener is providing the voice of Evelyn Deavor, Winston’s tech genius sister. She could not only be the creator of the Screenslaver’s technology, but also the real power behind the mask. Evelyn could simply enslave her brother and use him as the perfect fall guy. We’ll know for sure when Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 15.

What do you think about our Incredibles 2 theory? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Images: Disney/Pixar

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