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Get Ready for INCREDIBLES 2 with a Brand New Dark Horse Comic

Everyone’s favorite family is back! No, not the Fantastic Four—The Incredibles! Pixar‘s meta-commentary on comics and superheroes was an instant classic when released, and as the arrival of the film’s long-awaited sequel means Disney is lining up two tie-in comics at Dark Horse Comics to get us all excited.

The two new books focused on the Parr family include a young readers’ graphic novel called Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2: Heroes at Home, which follows “Dash and Violet doing their best to help out at home while their mom and dad—Mr. and Mrs. Incredible—take on new and very different jobs. First, Dash and Violet must secretly go into Super mode when they interrupt criminal activity on a routine grocery trip to pick up some essentials! Then, helping out at home, their efforts to keep up with their chores are unknowingly obstructed by the innocent mischief of their little brother, Jack-Jack!” Bringing together Liz Marsham from Disney Princess Beginnings and Nicoletta Baldari of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny fame, this is an exciting creative team who’ll likely create something really, really special with this 48 page one-off story!

Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life! & Other Stories #1 kicks off a three issue miniseries with stories by by Christos Gage and Landry Q. Walker with art by Gurihiru, J. Bone, Andrea Greppi, and Roberta Zanotta. Issue one will include the first part of an ongoing story “Crisis in Mid-Life!” and a one-off Jack-Jack short. “While dedicating a new submarine, Mr. Incredible is interrupted by the dastardly Bomb Voyage—who is intent on crushing the crowd of onlookers underneath the sub! Mr. Incredible struggles to save the day, which has him questioning his super powers—could something be wrong? In ‘Bedtime Story’ part 1, Bob tells Jack-Jack a bedtime story that has Violet and Dash calling foul: this battle from his glory days seems too amazing to be true. Then in his own adventure, at a visit to the park, Jack-Jack uses his powers to overcome a worthy opponent!” Dark Horse’s official press release explained.

We’re excited to see Disney keep expanding their comic book portfolio with books like The Incredibles, Frozen, and Star Wars Adventures, and can’t wait to see what they get up to next! Are you stoked to see the Parr family return? Can’t wait to see the full strength of Jack-Jack’s powers? Just been waiting a really long time for Incredibles 2? Let us know below!

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Images: Dark Horse/Disney*Pixar

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