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If Tim Burton Did DOCTOR WHO

In yet another example of how Reddit wins the internet, this triptych of animated gifs was shared and found its way to our eyeballs. The art is the work of artist MichaelthePure, and is spot on in a number of ways. The creepy motion drawings of the three Doctors featured in “The Day of the Doctor” perfectly embody both the essences of the characters and the Gothic macabre sensibilities of Tim Burton, with the big, sunken eyes, pale skin, and angular, jagged features. I’d watch a whole Doctor Who short animated in this way. Really, I’ll watch anything clever and about Doctor Who but I’m a man obsessed.


He also has done non-animated versions of all of the Doctors which are equally great.

What do you think of these? Should this artist do a Dalek, Cyberman, and Sontaran the same way (I say yes)? What other famous artists’ styles would you like to see these characters done in? Let us know below. Because, well, we don’t like living in a vacuum.

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  1. Doug Coger says:

    And who cares about who did the animations anyway, they are simple to do.  I could animate any photo.

  2. Doug Coger says:

    I think he should do some rock bands.  Early Guns N Roses.  The Ramones.  The Glenn Danzig era of the Misfits.  Metallica.  

  3. MichaelthePure says:

    Smartass, madebyabvh did make the animations.
    And I don’t have animations on my Deviantart.

  4. smartass says:

    candy you dumb bitch if you go to that tumblr there is credit given to MichaelthePure. ruining shit for real artists with your BULLSHIT and throwin props to DUMBASSES for fuckin REPOSTING SHIT. also there are animations of the other doctors on michaels FCUKING DEVIANT ART GOD DAMN IT NOT EVEN NERDIST CAN REPOST PROPERLY WTF.

  5. Spokey Dokey says:

    I’ll kill myself before I see that talentless hack goth-rape something I love. We don’t need Johnny Depp as The Doctor.

  6. Rummy says:

    Ugh, no. Because if he did, he would cast Johnny Depp as The Doctor, and really, the world doesn’t need that.

  7. Mike Driscoll says:

    I would like to see a Michaelangelo take on the regeneration process. (and I know you know which picture I mean)

  8. Josh Roberts says:

    Doesn’t remind me so much of Tim Burton as it does Don’t Starve, an excellent indie game that made its way to Steam earlier this year.

  9. TheDWProfessor says:

    Yeah, you’re welcome for bringing it to your attention.

  10. Candy says:

    Michael the Pure did not do the animations! That was madebyabvh on Tumblr