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IDW’s STAR TREK Crew Prepare to Meet the Borg

IDW’s STAR TREK Crew Prepare to Meet the Borg

It’s finally the weekend, but that doesn’t means we don’t still have plenty of news to cover in today’s edition of Comics Relief! To begin today’s column, we have a bit of news which should excite long time Star Trek fans. Read on for all the details.

Current Movie Enterprise Crew Meets the Borg in December’s Star Trek: Boldly Go

This fall, IDW is relaunching their ongoing Star Trek title as Star Trek: Boldly Go, featuring the current movie versions of the crew, in what is now referred to as the “Kelvin timeline.” Set after the events of Star Trek Beyond, the third issue of this new comics series, which hits in December, will have Kirk, Spock, and the crew of the all-new Enterprise -A facing off against none other than the Borg.

Now, as most tride and true Trek fans now, in the original series timeline, the Federation wasn’t brought into contact with the Borg until the Next Generation era, some 100 years after the events of the original show. How will the Borg find the Enterprise this time? It’s still unknown, but maybe we’ll see “Nu-Kirk” become Locutus of Borg instead of Picard. Wouldn’t that be a trip? You can see the variant cover for issue #3, featuring Bones McCoy, above. [Bleeding Cool]

DC and IDW’s Love Is Love Adds More Creators

In the last editon of Comics Relief we told you about Love Is Love, the benefit comic from DC and IDW for the victims of June’s Orlando Pulse Massacre. Now several other creator’s names have been added to the mix, including Steve Sadowski, Paul Jenkins, Mike Carey, Matt Wagner, Marguerite Bennett, with many more yet to be announced.

And not only will IDW and DC characters and creators be involved, but titles from other publishers will included as well, like Image’s Southern Bastards with a new story by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour. You can see the new variant cover for the one-shot special issue above.

Dark Horse to Release Reefer Madness Anthology

Publisher Dark Horse has just announced a new paperback edition of Reefer Madness, an anthology of Golden Age era “lets scare the kids away from smoking marijuana” comics, some created by legendary creators like Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of Superman, Frank Frazetta, Jerry Robinson, and even Jack Kirby. There are even new retro style stories by creator Craig Yoe, who is editing and designing this new anthology.

According to the official press release from Dark Horse, “now that 3 states have legalized it for recreational use, 19 for medical use, and with legalization on the November ballot in 5, it is especially fun to relive the hysteria surrounding marijuana as a perceived gateway drug from the 1930’s to the 1950’s and beyond. With titles like Teenage Dope Slaves, Satan’s Cigarettes, and Hopped-Up Killer, the gulf in attitudes between today and the days of Reefer Madness could not be wider.” Reefer Madness goes on sale March 29, 2017. [Nerdspan]

New Marvel “Travel Guide” Gets a Cool New Trailer

The Marvel Universe is filled with all kinds of fantastic locations, from Asgard to the Savage Land, which was like Jurassic Park before Jurassic Park was even a thing. Now a new book is on the way called The Complete Marvel Cosmos, a sort of “travel guide” made in cooperation between Marvel and Insight Editions. Written by Marc Sumerak, with commentary from the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves (so to speak), the 160 book now has a nifty new trailer, which you can watch above. [CBR]

Valiant Comics’ Faith Becomes Breast Cancer Awareness Ambassador

Valiant Comics‘ #1 super-heroine, Faith will make her debut as Keep A Breast’s official “comics ambassador” at New York Comic Con 2016, with a special variant cover of her upcoming third issue. After NYCC, Faith will then be used as a character throughout a number of Keep A Breast promotional plans in 2016 and beyond. From Thursday, October 6th through Sunday, October 9th, Faith will appear on two limited-edition collectibles, specially produced to benefit Keep A Breast and which will be available exclusively at Valiant’s NYCC booth #1635.

In a statement from Keep A Breast Founder & CCO Shaney jo Darden, she said “the foundation of everything Keep A Breast does is art, and it absolutely thrills us to team up with people, like Valiant Comics, that are breaking the norm in their own industries. When we read Faith, we were so excited to see a hero that was so funny, real, and full of self-love. Art has the power to heal and impact people in the best way, and this partnership will further prove how art can put a spotlight on real issues and start important conversations that can save lives.” [Newsarama]

Venom #1 Gets 1 in 1000 “Surprise” Variant Cover

Marvel Comics is launching a new Venom series this fall, and there is nothing Marvel loves more than a variant cover for a new #1 issue. Now Marvel has added yet another variant to the November debut issue of Venom, but in order to get it, retailers have to order 1000 copies of the regular cover.

And we don’t even know what the “1 in 1000” cover looks like yet, or who is drawing it, because according to Marvel it’s still a big secret (unless it’s from Venom creator, Todd McFarlane, I can’t imagine anyone else could get a big response from fans).  All Marvel will officially say about when the artist will be revealed is “Stay tuned for an exciting announcement!” All right Marvel, officially staying tuned. [Newsarama]

U.S. Avengers #1 Gets A Variant Cover For Each State, Plus Two More

And speaking of Marvel variant covers, the new series U.S.Avengers is getting a whopping 52 variant covers when it debuts this fall (52?? How very DC of you Marvel). Actually, the 52 covers are set to represent a different state, plus Puerto Rico and Canada. Some make sense, like Luke Cage representing New York, and others less so, like Winter Soldier representing Indiana (I thought Bucky was from Brooklyn??) You can see the eight initial covers down below in our gallery. [Comics Alliance]

Images: DC Comics/ IDW Comics / Marvel Comics / Dark Horse Comics / Valiant Entertainment / 


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