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Hyper Realistic Superhero Portraits Are Amazing and Terrifying

If you actually think about it, a man-sized mutant turtle that fights crime and lives in the sewers of New York City would probably look less like an adorable pizza-eating cartoon and more like a terrifying, grizzled monster, which is why these hyper-realist superhero portraits are both fantastic and kind of horrifying.

Artist Adnan Ali has created a slew of highly impressive portraits from around the superhero universe (and some surprising cartoons) that gives us an idea of what they might look like after years of epic battles in the eternal struggle of good and evil.


Too scary. Please surf back to Zenn-La thank you.


Just imagine this guy coming in to order a chimichanga and you having to tell him the kitchen is closed.


I have to be honest, if Harvey Dent came up to me and turned to show me his “good side,” I’d still be mortified and wonder why he wasn’t currently under a doctor’s care. Also, that unprotected eye will always totally creep me out.

Check out a couple more in our gallery below, and then head over to see the rest of Ali’s work, including a version of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo that might ruin your childhood memories of that beloved cartoon, though in fairness is probably a much more accurate portrayal of a stoner that thinks his dog can talk to him.

Which one of these is your favorite? What superhero or cartoon character would you like to see Ali tackle next? Get down and dirty with your best suggestions in the comments section below.

HT: Geek Tyrant
Images: Adnan Ali


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