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How to Watch This Year’s Oscar-Nominated Films

The 88th annual Academy Awards are just around the corner. If you’re a movie buff like me, then the Oscars are probably your own version of the Super Bowl. Every Academy Awards party needs a few essentials: themed snacks, frosty beverages, and an Oscars pool of course. But the most important question is: has everyone seen this year’s nominated films yet? Keeping up with all the nominees can be an exhausting task. It’s hard work getting out to a movie theater to see every single film! That’s why we here at Nerdist have made you this handy list of where to catch all of this year’s Oscar nominated films. Good luck, and happy movie watching!

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Feature Films:

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and DisappearedAvailable on Amazon Prime Video

Mad Max: Fury Road  – Available on HBO Go/Now

Ex MachinaAvailable on Amazon Prime Video

CinderellaAvailable on Starz On Demand

Fifty Shades of Grey (yep, nominated for Best Original Song) – Available on HBO Go/Now


AmyAvailable on Amazon Prime Video

Cartel LandAvailable on Netflix

What Happened, Miss Simone?Available on Netflix

Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for FreedomAvailable on Netflix


Chau, Beyond the LinesAvailable on Netflix

Last Day of FreedomAvailable on Netflix

We Can’t Live Without CosmosAvailable on The Scene

World of TomorrowAvailable on Netflix

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On Blu-Ray/DVD or Digital

Feature Films:

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared

Bridge  of Spies

Creed (Digital HD only)

The Danish Girl (Digital HD only)

Inside Out

The Martian

Room (Digital HD only)

Shaun the Sheep Movie




Steve Jobs

Straight Outta Compton


When Marnie Was There (Blu-Ray/DVD only)


The Hunting Ground

The Look of Silence

Racing Extinction


In Theaters

45 Years


The Big Short


Boy and the World (limited release)


Embrace of the Serpent (limited release)

The Hateful Eight


Mustang (limited release)

The Revenant

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Son of Saul (limited release)

Theeb (limited release)

Youth (limited release)

Lastly, the Oscar nominated shorts are playing in theaters this weekend.

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Image: Warner Bros

Michelle Buchman is the social media manager at Nerdist Industries. She’s also a huge cinephile. Feel free to follow and chat movies with her on Twitter, @michelledeidre.

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