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How to Celebrate a Year of Film (In Under 7 Minutes)

How do you sum up an entire year of movies in one shot? Well, you don’t. But of course that won’t stop film critics and awards-giving collectives from trying, and while those recaps will always give you a few great insights and recommendations, they don’t really capture the beauty of it all. As you watch this wonderful 2014 movie “mashup” from the editorial geniuses over at The Sleepy Skunk (Website/Twitter), you may notice a few films you don’t like at all. But then another image hits your eyes and you realize it doesn’t matter. It’s not a compilation of films that YOU like; it’s an absolute celebration of what we love about movies: the images, the motion, the energy, the sound, and the heart.

I don’t even WATCH most mashup/montage thingies, but whenever Sleepy Skunk has a new one, I am all ears and eyes and tear ducts. Yes, this 6.5-minute montage actually brought tears to my eyes, and I don’t mind saying it. If you tweet that I’ll deny it, though.

So grab some headphones, turn off the lights, and watch this. Also there’s a bonus below the clip.


Was I right? Yes. I was. If that didn’t move you in some small way, I question your status as a true film freak. So there. Hit the YouTube page to give the clip a thumbs up if you dug it. Plus there’s a list of all the films and some information on the musical choices.

And here’s that bonus I mentioned. This is the clip that introduced me to the Sleepy Skunkers, and if you love superhero movies, you’re going to want to marry this thing. Enjoy.

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  1. SciPunk says:

    Awesome. Lot of movies i didn’t recognize though. Is there a list somewhere?

  2. Atte says:

    I love these videos. Makes you really appreciate more what talented people have made for you to enjoy. Superhero video was great too, especially for the fact that it had even a brief glimpse of  the Unbreakable.

  3. slayerking5000 says:

    This makes me wish I had a time machine and could show someone from just say…the 90’s what Cinema will look like in only a few short years. Sometimes I’m utterly amazed at what we can do.