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Hot Toys’ Movie-Based DEADPOOL 2 Figure Has Heels and a Unicorn

Due to the split Marvel movie rights between Disney and Fox, we haven’t seen companies like Hasbro or Diamond Select make any big-screen X-Men or Fantastic Four figures in quite a few years. This is likely to change with the upcoming company merger, but in the meantime, the one company that is making a movie-based Deadpool is, fortunately, the one company that can be most trusted to get the details right: Hot Toys.

The official Deadpool 2 figure of the Merc with the (concealed) Mouth is on point as far as accessories go, including movie-accurate touches such as the X-Men trainee football-style jersey, mutant power suppression collar, and magical stuffed unicorn, complete with a wall-and-shelf display to stack them. But in the spirit of the Flashdance-spoofing teaser poster, it also comes with alternate high-heeled shoes. Which also means, presumably, you can display him without any feet at all and make the same Rob Liefeld joke everyone else (up to and including Liefeld himself) makes.

He can also express himself in many ways, with 12 interchangeable hands and five different eye pieces.

All that’s missing is Ryan Reynolds’ avocado-face. But knowing Hot Toys, that’ll come later.

The fact that Deadpool 2 is getting even one movie-based figure is giving us possibly unreasonable hopes. Like, can we please get a Zazie Beetz Domino? Or Cable? A Blind Al may be imagining the impossible, but with the right accessories, a toy of her would be a keeper too.

You can keep Francis, though. That guy’s a jerk.

Deadpool will cost you the oddly specific sum of $251, and ship first quarter of next year. Giving you plenty of time to decide which of your other figures to “ship” him with.

Are you ready to wade into some Hot (Toys) water? Let us know in comments!

Images: Hot Toys

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