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HOT TOYS Brings BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT to Life with New Figure

HOT TOYS Brings BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT to Life with New Figure

The holiday season has finally wrapped up, so what better way to get over those post-holiday blues than buying more cool stuff! Luckily, Hot Toys is here to help with the release of their Batman: Arkham Knight sixth scale figure.

Arkham Knight

Lo and behold, the Dark Knight, looking as menacing as ever. With his upgraded body armor and gadgets, Batman and his partners Robin, Nightwing, and Oracle stand as Gotham’s only line of defense against not only the Scarecrow, but also the Arkham Knight, a man with a sordid past whose life is inextricably linked with the caped crusader (I know it’s been a while, but it’s not going to be me that spoils the game for you).

Arkham Knight

The figure comes with two interchangeable faceplates, 4 sets of hands, his grappling hooks, REC gun, and batarangs. Basically, if he used it in the game, you will be able to display it with this figure. I also think it’s time we called the Arkham Batman out. You have to have some sort of super strength to be able to run around Gotham City for hours on end in all that armor.

You can check out more photos of this figure in the gallery below. If this is a must have for your collection, you can pre-order the figure from Sideshow Collectibles here.

So what do you think? What other Arkham Knight figures are you looking forward to next? What other superheroes deserve an Arkham type game? Let me know on Twitter, or sound off in the comments below.

Images: Hot Toys


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