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Hot Toys’ Armored Batman Wants to Make Your Wallet Bleed

Hot Toys has already dazzled us with Batman v Superman movie toys so lifelike that you might find yourself guarding your neck (or expecting a bomb-ass performance against attacking phantoms, yo). And that might have been enough to drain your discretionary budget for the month, but now they’ve revealed an armored Batman who plans to muscle even more of your fortune away.


With all the attitude of a Frank Miller comic, and all the pouches of a Rob Liefeld drawing, this Dark Knight comes with LED light-up eyes, multiple fists, and two facial expressions that we can best describe as “constipated” and “Super Metamucil UBER-constipated.” Nevertheless, it’s awesome.


Anger like that comes with the territory of battling invincible aliens. This is the vigilante who has sworn to protect his world against Superman, treating even the one percent chance that he might be out to kill us all as an absolute certainty.


Batman also comes with two Bat-guns, as Batman v Superman definitely looks to up the ante on intensity. Now that Man of Steel has placed us in a universe where Superman actually killed Zod, there’s no telling what Bruce Wayne may be capable of.

With a wink, or a comment, tell us below if this is the Dark Knight of your soulmate.

images: Hot Toys on Facebook

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