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Horror Happenings: Robert Englund Hosts A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Marathon

Happy Superb Owl Sunday, friends! Today we’re bringing you the details of some scary happenings on your TV including Robert Englund hosting a horror movie marathon to die for and big casting news for season two of Wayward Pines!

El Rey’s “Rip Your Heart Out” Horror Movie Marathon Coming Valentine’s Day Weekend

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of partial to Robert Rodriguez‘s curated network El Rey. From Lucha Underground to series like The Director’s Chair and the most badass movies running 24-7, it’s safe to say that El Rey is one of the coolest networks on TV. Next weekend sees the return of their “Rip Your Heart Out Valentine’s Day Marathon” featuring Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund. Englund will be on hand throughout the weekend to present favorite episodes of the cult favorite television series Freddy’s Nightmares and the first five movies in the franchise.

The festivities begin at 6am on Saturday, February 13 with a handful of episodes of Freddy’s Nightmares and wraps up on Monday, February 15 with A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. Excited but not sure if you get El Rey? Head over to their handy channel finder to find out! You can also visit the El Rey website for the complete schedule.

Jason Patric Joins Wayward Pines

Fair warning, horror friends! If you’re not caught up on Wayward Pines, spoilers are ahead as we discuss season two of the hit series…

So. If you were like me and tuned into Wayward Pines last summer because you were curious what our old friend M. Night Shyamalan was up to, you were happy to find a weird, well acted, interesting little min-series. Then, based on the success of the first ten episodes, Fox said, surprise! We’re going to bring it back after all. However, one person who would not becoming back was star Matt Dillion due to his character meeting an unfortunate end. So where would season two pick up and who would fill his shoes?

This week, Deadline reported that Jason Patric would be taking the lead and that the new season would follow the events of the finale directly, seeing the First Generation still in power. Patric’s character is that of Dr. Theo Yedlin, “a new resident of Wayward Pines” who “awakens from suspended animation and finds himself in the middle of this rebellion, as he tries to understand what Wayward Pines really is and help preserve the endangered human race.”

I’m fairly curious to see how the second season plays out as the finale of the first was more than a bit shocking. There was also a significant time jump in the end of the season one finale, so I wonder if we’ll see any of those details explored. And, if the adults were frozen and not necessarily killed, will any of them return? We’ll find out this summer when Wayward Pines returns to Fox.


Featured Image Credit: DeviantArtist Lovell-Art

Clarke Wolfe writes Horror Happenings for Nerdist every Sunday. You can follow her on Twitter @clarkewolfe.

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