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Homemade Plasma Gun Puts the Propane in Steampunk

We know a big part of the whole steampunk aesthetic is, you know, the “steam” aspect, but technology marches forth! Which is why this fantastic homemade, propane plasma rifle wouldn’t look out of place on the hip of a well-dressed gentleman in a top hat riding a dirigible.

This very cool looking contraption comes from Robert Johnson of the YouTube channel bouju1, who says he was inspired by other plasma guns he’s seen on the internet—like the propane powered coiled bottle rocket launcher we told you about last October. But rather than sending an old Coca Cola two-liter soaring, his emits a big blue blast that looks like it would have really come in handy when the Martians invaded in H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds.

Johnson said he made his gun from “a 2×8, a MAPP-gas torch, some vinyl tubing, a steel pipe, pipe hangers and hose clamps,” and that its only purpose is to make him smile. It makes us smile too.

Of course, while this is obviously very pretty and looks great in action, we can’t stress enough how dangerous it is too. If you’ve ever used a propane grill or stove before you know how true that is, so please, don’t try to make your own unless you have the skills and tools necessary to do so safely.

Because whether you’re steampunk or propanepunk (trademark!), we don’t want anyone getting hurt.

What other cool-looking “plasma guns” have you come across? We’ll be steaming mad if you don’t share them with us in the comments below.

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Featured Image: bouju1

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