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Home Geekonomics: Happy Birthday, Kevin Bacon!

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

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Happy birthday to the man who dances, sings, cooks, sings, and oh yeah, he acts too. The man whose name is a beloved meat product… Kevin Bacon.

Kevin Norwood Bacon was born July 8, 1958 and has appeared in over 60 films alongside over 3000 actors. To celebrate his birthday, we give you a list of Kevin Bacon-related home goods. Some are wonderful, some are scary. (I’m looking at you Kevin Bacon’s face made out of bacon.) Happy birthday to the one and only, Kevin Bacon!

kevin bacon magnet-07072015

Kevin Bacon bacon fridge magnet by Castle McQuade
Etsy, you kill me. There are things on there that have no reason for existing but thank goodness they do. This Kevin Bacon as a piece of bacon magnet is one of them.

Town footloose-07072015

I Don’t Dance Footloose tote by hopealittle
Should someone ask you to dance while in the supermarket aisle, just show them this shopping tote! It should explain everything.

kevin bacon guardians-07072015

We’re Just Like Kevin Bacon Guardians of the Galaxy print by RK9NATION
Kevin Bacon has already become a pop culture icon but his reference in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy solidified it. This print commemorates the great scene between Star-Lord and Gamora.

kevin bacon shakin

What’s Shakin’ Bacon card by MandiMi
Dressed to impress in his iconic Footloose burgundy tux, this Kevin Bacon card would be a great way to ask someone to a dance.

6 degrees kevin bacon-07072015

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Board Game
Yes, they actually made a board game out of the Kevin Bacon 6 degrees game. Now when is Wil Wheaton going to play this on TableTop?

kevin bacon bacon face-07072015

Kevin Bacon’s Face Made Out of Actual Bacon portrait via The Telegraph UK
I’m disgusted, yet intrigued. Mostly disgusted.

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