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Home Geekonomics: Celebrate the GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Premiere

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For viewers of the hit HBO show, real life winter came and went and now it’s finally time for the return of Game of Thrones! GoT fans have been bidding their time, listening to musical recaps, scouring game screen shots and of course, trying to avoid spoilers. Spoilers, man–they’re worse than dinner with Joffrey.

Now the season premiere is here and it’s time to party like a Lannister! Wait, don’t do that. Instead have a nice, calm viewing party with your Hodor pillow, some chocolate dragon eggs and cupcakes, maybe a little game of Game of Thrones Guess Who. Then, and only then, can you release your feelings and smash a Joffrey piñata to smithereens. Bring on the pie filled with live doves! No wait, don’t do that either.

Hodor pillow by Mobius1-04062015

Hodor Pillow by Mobius1
We wish this mini version came in a giant body pillow so we could jump on it’s back just for fun. This cuddly Hodor pillow is so Hodor it’s Hodor.

GOT Chocolate Dragon Eggs by 1finecookie-04062015

Chocolate Dragon Eggs by 1FineCookie
Beautifully done, 1FineCookie breaks down how easy it is to use chocolate disks as scales to make these edible dragon eggs. Since they’re hollow, they can be filled with all the dragon babies you desire.

Red Wedding Cupcakes by Hannah Here-04062015

Red Wedding Cupcakes by Hannah Here
The Red Wedding was one of the most shocking scenes of the series to date, and the best way to deal with your feelings is to eat them–with these tongue in cheek red velvet red wedding cupcakes. We’ll miss you House Stark.

Game of Thrones Guess Who via Vulture-04062015

Game of Thrones Guess Who via Vulture
Guess Who was one of the most fun childhood games, and by inserting the vast array of GoT characters, the game becomes even more interesting! However, the question “Did this person die?” could very well level your whole board.

Joffrey Pinata by Blink Box-04062015

Joffrey Piñata by BlinkBox
Rarely does a character strike such a nerve as Joffrey, clearly the most hated King in all the land. It’s only fitting that BlinkBox did what we were all thinking and made Joffrey piñatas so that we may smash our feelings to bits. Watch as actor Finn Jones, Loras Tyrell himself, grabs a sword and takes the Joffrey piñata to task.

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