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Send Off GAME OF THRONES Season 4 With These Themed Snacks

(Season 4 spoilers ahead!)

This Sunday, the fourth season of Game of Thrones sadly comes to a close, and after that last Castle Black-centric episode, we’ve got a ton of ground to cover for the finale. Will Arya and the newly raven-haired Sansa cross paths at the Vale? Where will Ser Jorah turn after being ostracized from Meereen? Is Bran finally going to find that mystical dream tree? Are we going to see any more of those stone-cold bankers in Braavos? Could Jaqen H’ghar (finally) make an appearance? (Would we even recognize him?) Will Stannis ever catch a break? Is the Mountain really dead? Is Tyrion going to die? Is everyone going to die?!

Obviously we’re all going to need a little emotional support on Sunday, and that’s why you, along with your merry band of fellow fans, should prepare some Game Of Thrones-inspired comfort food and throw yourself a little finale viewing party. Below, we’ve rounded up a handful of impressive themed treats to give you some ideas.


Hot Pie’s Direwolf Scones

This is a must-try for anyone who considers themselves a baking whiz. (Read: not me.) Courtesy of the official Game of Thrones food blog, The Inn at the Crossroads, these scones are a spot-on recreation of Hot Pie’s direwolf bread. Can’t quite make your own wolf shape by hand? Try using one of these House Stark cookie cutters. Hey, not everyone can be as adorably talented as Hot Pie.


The Mountain & The Viper Cocktail

Pour one out for the Viper, guys. If you too aren’t over the devastating, gory, stomach-turning death of everyone’s new favorite character, Oberyn Martell, simply drown your sorrows in Living Better Together‘s cocktail with a kick. Part cider, part bourbon, part spicy, vengeful protagonist–this bad boy will have you singing tales of Oberyn’s fancy footwork before you know it.

Ned Stark Cake Pops

Ned Stark Cake Pops

Here’s a little throwback for you. For non-book readers such as myself, Ned Stark’s beheading was the moment when we realized no one (sob, Oberyn) was safe. In honor of the righteous patriarch who started it all, Not Your Momma’s Cookie made these cute-but-tragic cake pops. Yes, you’re eating Ned Stark’s head on a spike and yes, it’s a little macabre, but then again… red velvet. You just can’t argue with red velvet.


Beer & Pretzel Iron Throne Cupcakes

Though these spiky cupcakes don’t appear to be officially Game of Thrones related, you can’t deny they look surprisingly similar to a certain coveted Iron Throne. Bakers Royale has created the perfect combo of salty and sweet with chocolate ganache and pretzels. Don’t feel like adding booze to your dessert? Swap out coffee for beer and you’re all set.


Game of Thrones Sugar Cookies

Show off your frosting skills with these colorful sugar cookies from Bumbleberry Cakes. Each one has a famous quote or House Sigil, but because you’re doing the decorating, you can pipe whatever your little dragon heart desires. Are you still jazzed about Joffrey’s oh-so-timely death? Feel like protesting Tyrion’s sentence with a delicious set of “Save Tyrion” cookies? The options are endless. Just don’t bake any spoilers, book readers.

Will you be watching Game of Thrones with friends? Have your own Westerosi recipes to share? Sound off in the comments, tag us on Instagram, or let me know on Twitter!

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