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Home Geekonomics: Cat Jewelry

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

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Key & Peele’s Keanu is the cat caper we never knew we needed. If the poster doesn’t make you want to go out and adopt a kitty, then it will at least make you want to buy some cat bling.

Cat jewelry shows the world who ranks as the most important “person” in your life. If you can get Fluffy to wear matching pieces, all the more power to you. Here are some must-have cat accessories for both you and your pet.

cat origami necklace-04182016
Origami Cat Face Necklace by Glorikami Shop
This airy origami cat face looks like origami but is made out of beautiful hand-cut brass. A simple, modern way to show off your cat-love.

I love my cat bff-04132016
Cat BFF necklace by Kate Gabrielle
How much do you love your cat? Well, he or she is your BFF, of course! So why not show off that love with a joint pendant made up with a side for you and a wearable side for your cat. That’s true friendship.

cat portrait jewelry-04182016
Cat portrait necklace by Nicomademe
Don’t you wish you could have your pet by your side at all times? Now you can by getting a custom cat portrait detailed on a necklace. Created in stunning 3-D, this jewelry isn’t even painted; it’s all impressively handmade out of polymer clay.

cat necklace-04182016
Healing Crystal Jewelry For Cats by Zen Jewelz
If your cat is the one who needs some bling, these custom healing necklaces may be just the thing. This jewelry is made of therapeutic energy stones to help your pet with general well-being, illness, and cat depression.

cat earrings-04182016
Cat earrings by Obsessories LA
These photo-realistic little kitties are as much fun to wear as the expression on their faces would have you believe. Subtle and small, these are a whimsical way to show your cat love.

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