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Home Geekonomics: Cat Con LA

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

home geekonomics

This past weekend was the second annual CatConLA, where feline fanatics come together to ooh and ahh over the most adorable cat and kitten themed merch. Cat pillows, cat necklaces, cat art, all the cat things you never knew existed was up for sale. That doesn’t even include the products that were for actual pets. Cat beds, food and especially hand-crafted cat toys were a huge hit, with long lines at every booth.

It wouldn’t be a CatCon without actual cats, and the playful pets were up for adoption as well, all ready and willing to go to a good home. It was like a Neko Atsume game come to life, in other words, absolute fuzzy heaven.

You could even wait in line to get Kat Von D eyeliner, a perfect cat-eye applied to go with your perfectly (purrfectly?) pressed cat dress, of with there was quite a large variety of cat-themed clothing on display.

Crazy cat lady is a stigma of the past, now it’s hip to embrace your cat obsession. Here are some of our favorite items we found at CatCon, 2016.

rolling pins-06272016Rolling Pins by Sweet Rolling Pins

Perhaps you love cats so much you’d love to make little cat cookies, but really, who has the time to roll and cut all out of them out? These rolling pins make life so much easier, with just one roll the impression really stays with you. Laser-engraved with the cutest of cats, you can even get them custom made for all your specific cat needs.

cat loaf stickers-06272016Cat Loaf Stickers by Elsa Chang

Speaking of food, cats in the shape of food are taking over the world as they rightly should be. Catloaf are cats that sit just so to look like a loaf of bread is a real thing folks.

cat marcaron-06272016Mewcarons by Kimchi Kawaii

Cat loaf not your thing? What about a mewcaron?? OMG the combo of a sweet little French macaron and a cat? All your adorable pastry dreams have just come true in the form of a huggable plush.

star wars cats-06272016Star Wars and Cats; Cat Ewok Plush by Flat Bonnie; Slave Leia and Jabba Cats by 100% Soft

Two great things that go great together are Star Wars and cats, and Cat Con didn’t disappoint. The super sweet, not at all cold-hearted killers, ewoks are given a new form when made into plush cats by the incomparable Flat Bonnie. Meanwhile, fan-favorite 100% Soft has been killing it with galactic emoji for the Star Wars app and now also has prints with a fun take on cats in the Star Wars universe.

cat earrings-06272016Cat Earrings; Sailor Moon Cat Earrings by Nerdy But Still Girly; Captain America Earrings by Catmade

I know you want to take your cats with you wherever you go but it’s just not possible. Now you can with tiny cat earrings that hang off your lobes just so. Nerdy But Still Girly comes at you with a one two punch of Sailor Moon cuteness. Luna and Artemis sweet faces can adorn your ears and keep you safe. While Catmade’s handmade cat jewelry pays homage to Bowie, Captain America and more.

There were simply too many great things to choose, check out even more cat-tastic finds in the gallery below.

Images: Jenn Fujikawa


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