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Home Geekonomics: BACK TO THE FUTURE Tribute to Lorraine Baines

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There is so much to love about Back to the Future. One thing that is more consistent than the Delorean, more than Pepsi, is Lorraine. Lorraine Baines has definitely had her ups and downs in the series, but watching Lea Thompson transform through the timelines was brilliant.

Since today is October 21, Back to the Future Day, here are some great tributes to 1955 Lorraine, the memorable matriarch of the McFly family.

george and lorraine art-10202015
George and Lorraine by mdimotta/deviantart
This print showcases the beauty of Lorraine’s 1950’s prom dress and the moment that she fell in love with George.

lorraine baines art-10202015
Lorraine Baines Art by Jeff Delgado
Another gorgeous print from the famous car scene. You can almost hear wide-eyed Lorraine say to an uncomfortable Marty, “Marty, don’t be such a square.”

lorraine flask-10202015
Lorraine Flask by Outatym
No one wants to encourage bad-1985-timeline Lorraine’s drinking habits, but if you must… this is the flask for you. I absolutely love that you can see Marty’s reflection on the front and a swigging Lorraine on the back.

bttf lorraine lego-10202015
Back to the Future Lorraine Minimates via amazon
Everything is more adorable in Lego form and this little Lorraine is all dressed up and ready for the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, earrings and all!

bttf lorraine dress-10202015
Back to the Future Lorraine Dress by GinandSinLondon
After putting this list together, it occurs to me that the dress is just as much a star of the movie as Lorraine. So here it is, your very own made-to-order Lorraine Baines prom dress for all your BTTF cosplay needs.

What are you doing to celebrate Back to the Future Day? Let us know on Twitter @nerdist!

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