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The Gamble House Goes BACK TO THE FUTURE

This past week the Gamble House in Pasadena held a charity event like no other, they sent their guests back… back to the future! The historic Gamble House was built in 1908 and while it serves as a National Historic Landmark, it’s also a revered destination for Back to the Future fans as a stand in for Doctor Emmett Brown’s House in the classic movie.

The Gamble House’s summer event was a screening of Back to the Future on the house lawn where guests were allowed to sit and enjoy the film with food provided from a food truck. Sadly, no Uncle Jailbird Joey cakes were allowed.

bttf gamble house event-07272015

When you arrived at the event you were greeted by a line up of ten DeLoreans, the vehicle that takes Marty McFly through time. The DeLoreans were decked out with everything from lightning rods and Mr. Fusions, to full fluxing Flux Capacitors on the interior. Sitting inside made you feel as if Doc was going to come running down the hill at any moment.

This Back to the Future event was clearly for hardcore fans and they joined in the fun with some very creative cosplay. Seeing as how the Pasadena weather was a stifling 90 degrees, jean jackets and “life preservers” weren’t the most ideal attire but BTTF fans were undeterred. There were plenty of casual Martys, many, many Doc Brown wigs, and a great Save The Clock Tower lady complete with a collection can. Give her a quarter and she’d remind you to take a flyer.

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Included with the movie screening was a quick tour of the historic home. The Gamble House is an example of the American Arts and Crafts style architecture and the house and furnishings were designed by architects Greene & Greene for David and Mary Gamble of the Procter & Gamble Company. When the sun went down and the movie started, it was surreal to be on the lawn of Doc’s house waiting for Marty to make his entrance. Guests cheered for the Gamble House when it appeared on screen, as if it was the star of the show.

The once in a lifetime event was a true pleasure for Back to the Future fans and a great nod to the 30th anniversary. As guests filed out across the lawn past the spectacular backdrop of a glowing Gamble House and a row of humming DeLoreans, it made you feel like time travel was truly possible.

Why don’t you check out photos in the gallery and make like a tree… and get out of here?


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