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Home Geekonomics: 11 Stocking Stuffers for the Home Office

Home Geekonomics: 11 Stocking Stuffers for the Home Office

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food, and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

home geekonomics

If you are obsessed with the accessories on your desk or know someone who is, you might have a stationery addiction. Not to worry, there’s hope—in the form of even more cool things for you to make your office space even more awesome. Notebooks, pens, and pencil cases: you can never have too many.

While you may want everything on this list for yourself, think of others (’tis the season!) and buy two of each, because these items are tried and tested as certifiably great holiday stocking stuffers for the nerdy writers/office workers in your life. And don’t worry if you end up with too many things: a cluttered desk is a sign of a genius at work—that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Avengers Notebook by Moleskine

If you need to keep track of all of Bucky’s activation words, these handy Avengers notebooks by Moleskine should help you out. Hulk, Thor, Cap, and Iron Man are all represented on hard covers decorated with metallic line drawings of each superhero. You also get a special set of Avengers stickers showcasing additional exclusive artwork. Sidenote for Spidey fans, the Spider-Man notebook is a limited edition. Only 5,000 were created, each hand-stamped with a unique number.

Golden Section Finder by Areaware

golden-section-finder-12022016Perfect proportions are all around us. The golden section is a number found when calculating the ratio between the dimensions of natural and geometric forms. This fun little finder is easy to carry along with you when you’re on the go. Because hey: you never know when you’ll want to find proportional perfection in your plate of nachos.

Microphone Eraser Toppers by Kikkerland

microphone-erasers-12022016When you just can’t get that one song out of your head and you feel the need to belt it out to your coworkers, these crazy eraser toppers will give you the spotlight you deserve. Place one on and turn any pencil into a microphone. Did your cubicle neighbor just complain about the temperature? Put on the news mic eraser and give him a forecast. And don’t worry: none of your coworkers will find this annoying! In fact they will love it so, so much!

Feather Pen by Kikkerland

The Fantastic Beasts took us back to the wizarding world and thus reinvigorated our obsession with all things Harry Potter. This feather pen is as good as sending an owl off to your dearest of friends—and honestly just look freakin’ cool. The pens come in either black or white feathers, depending on your chosen form of bird communication.

Dinosaurs With Makeup Pencil Bag by Funhouse Labs

dinosaur-makeup-bag-12022016While this bag can be used for makeup, it is also the perfect size for pens and pencils. Say you’re fumbling for a pencil before a big meeting, think of how much joy seeing dinosaurs putting on makeup would bring you. And the fact that they’re wearing hoodies? Nothing cuter in the universe. Clevergirls, these two are (get it, get it?)!

Cat paper clips by Fred and Friends

cat-paper-clips-12022016Cat obsession is a reality: in the future, everything will be measured by (and in service of) cats. So why not use cats to make boring paperwork feel more purrfectly inclined to your daily life? These paper clips are cat shaped but that’s not the best part, they come in a container that looks like a tin of cat food! Am I telling you to buy this just for the adorable can in comes in? Definitely.

Nope Sign from Modcloth

nope-sign-12052016Listen, we’ve all had those days. (For some of us, it’s every day.) This desk plaque lets people know what’s up before they even get to ask their question. In fact, I feel like this should have a chain on it so you can wear it and walk around. Bonus Points: buy this for your boss and watch them cackle with glee as you become their new favorite employee.

Library Checkout Pen Holder by Door Number 9

library-checkout-pen-holder-12022016Nostalgia’s a hell of a drug, ain’t it? Who knew we’d look back on the systems of old and find a fondness for them, eh? For those old enough to remember the golden age of libraries—when books were checked out you had to sign your name and then it was date stamped—this dual-purposed pen holder is for you. Sure, the days of checking to see who read before you are long gone but you can relive them with this creative pen holder to remind you of the simpler time before the digital age.

Handmade Space Invaders Notebook by Kajet Handmade

space-invaders-notebook-12022016This geeky notebook is hand embroidered with a cross-stitch of Space Invaders. Need we say more? The colorful threads are sure to brighten up your day as you write down notes and dream of hitting the high score.

Washing Machine Tape Dispenser by AH-YO!

washing-machine-tape-12052016This little tape dispenser looks like a mini washing machine sitting on your desk. The fun starts, however, when you go to get a piece of tape and it spins the man inside around and around. Soon you’ll find yourself wanting to tape everything just to watch it go. Plus, this unique desk accessory insures that when someone asks to borrow your tape, you’ll always be able to find it.

Burrito Pencil Case by Proparmada

burrito-pencil-case-12022016The best way to carry anything is in a tortilla. This burrito pencil pouch is great for design tools and accessories. This unique tool holder is so realistic, people will think you brought a burrito to a meeting when you pull it out of your purse. Enjoy your burrito.


What are your favorite nerdy desk accessories? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Moleskine, Areaware, Kikkerland, Funhouse Labs, Fred and Friends, Modcloth, Door Number 9, Kajet Handmade, Proparmada
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