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Home Geekonomics: 11 STAR WARS Gifts You Wish You Received

Home Geekonomics: 11 STAR WARS Gifts You Wish You Received

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food, and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

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December and the holidays have become more than just a celebratory season—it’s also about Star Wars now, too! We are being gifted with a new Star Wars film every December from now until forever; who would’ve guessed we’d live in such glorious times?

Unfortunately, the holidays have come and gone and apparently we missed out. A lot. If we only knew that certain items existed, surely we would have tried a little harder to be on the Nice List! These Star Wars gifts are some of the coolest in the galaxy and since you didn’t know about them before, now is the perfect time to pick them up and give yourself the gift of Star Wars with that check from grandma (or from, say, returning that awful sweater from Auntie Marge).

Star Wars Rouge One Makeup Bag by Andies Room
Ah, the pain of misspelling–you can’t escape it on social media. We’ve all been there, but with the release of Rogue One such blatant disregard for error was never more obvious than the hashtag Rouge One. If the movie was in fact a makeup tutorial, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but alas: these rebels have no time for makeup. This fun bag from Andie’s Room takes the play on words and uses it to its full advantage by blushing up some troopers for a proper makeup bag.

Star Wars Medal Holder by Strut Your Stuff Sign Co.
For all the runners who wake up early to race across the finish line, this medal hanger is the perfect way to show off your bling. Not only will it hold up to 60 medals but all 50 race bibs so you can remember all the marathons you’ve run. May the course be with you!

Star Wars Dessert Pins by Davis Rider Prints
Star Wars and desserts go hand in hand (at least in our household), and an R2 ice cream and BB-8 donut are definitely the delicious droids you’re looking for. With the popularity of enameled pins being so fashionable lately, these droids are turned into their dessert counterparts make for fun pieces of flair. May the fork be with you!

R2-D2 Kitchen Towel by Doodle Button
A droid is a faithful companion and especially helpful in the kitchen. Hand-dyed onto flour sack towels, they’re the best to have in the kitchen for quick cleanups. The lovely detailing of everyone’s favorite droid feels almost ethereal and would look great hanging off of an oven door.

Light Saber Immersion Blender by Pangea Brands
Honestly, if you’re going to make soup why wouldn’t you reach for Anakin’s saber? An elegant weapon for a more civilized age, this immersion blender uses the Force (and a power cord) to whip up batters and smoothies in no time.

Star Wars Cantina Soap by Nerdy Soap
Mention the Star Wars “Cantina Song” and you’ll have the earworm in your head for hours. These fun handmade soaps feature the heads of the cantina band The Modal Nodes and are sure to make your guest bath as welcoming as the Mos Eisley Cantina. Scratch that, you just watch yourself.

I Love You, I Know Pins from Disney Store
Enameled pins are the height of fashion right now and this iconic line from Star Wars will never go out of style. These would look great on a jacket or bag for showing off your fandom everyday, or maybe the perfect gift for that scruffy looking nerfherder in your life.

Star Wars Keyboard Stickers by Mr Sticker Stuff
This is the keyboard that can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs! If you need to get through the drudgery of your daily assignments, these keyboard stickers will help make your day a lot more fun. Made for Macbooks, the individually cut decals can be applied to the keys so that you can be on your way to typing your hate mail to the Empire.

R2-D2 Humidifier from Walmart
This is the droid you’re looking for if you’re looking to sooth coughs and congestion. If only Darth Vader had this Artoo humidifier, his breathing problems would have been a breeze.

Rogue One Phone Case by Go Carved
Channel your inner Chirrut Imwe and use this phone case to clear your mind. When that one annoying person calls, just repeat, “I am one with the Force and the Force is with me” over and over and you will witness the true power of the Force when they eventually hang up.

Star Wars Coasters by Havoly
These beautiful laser engraved coasters are sure to impress any visiting Galactic Senators who decided to drop by on official business. Detailed familiar characters are etched into maple and sure to do their duty of keeping your Blue Milk from staining the coffee table.

Images: Andies Room, Strut Your Stuff Sign Co, Davis Rider Prints, Doodle Button, Pangea Brands, Nerdy Soap, Mr Sticker Stuff, Walmart, Disney Store, Go Carved, Havoly

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