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Home Geekonomics: The Best of Star Wars Celebration

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.
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Last week at Star Wars Celebration, the show was filled with Star Wars merchandise from vintage toys to trendy apparel for men and women. With The Force Awakens being released later this year, consumers can’t seem to get enough Star Wars and vendors were more than happy to provide by rolling out some really inventive products. I’ll say this: while a Chewbacca bean bag chair is adorable, the thought of a skinned Wookiee makes me ill at ease.

Aside from the Wookiee incident, the con was also a showcase for new and innovative Star Wars products, some limited edition and some that will be hitting retail very soon. Here’s a roundup of the best home goods we saw on the Star Wars Celebration con floor.

Star Wars plush-04202015

Star Wars Plush – Celebration Exclusive
Just when you think you’ve seen all the Star Wars plush in the universe, these exclusive soft toys up and steal your heart. Chewbacca as a sock monkey (sock Wookiee?) was a popular buy; many of them served as con companions around the show floor. Plush Max Reebo is lovable by itself but add in a special button for playback of Lapti Nek and he becomes next-level delightful. What can I say about this jack-in-the-box? There’s nothing more terrifying than a space slug jumping out of a cranked box. Nothing.

Hoth Itty Bittys-04202015

Hoth Itty Bittys by Hallmark
Back in March, we wrote about these Itty Bittys coming out, but it was inconceivable that they would be this adorable in person. Hallmark will be releasing these in August so you have to wait through summer to get a hold of that tauntaun.

Rancor bottle opener-04202015

Rancor Bottle Opener – Celebration Exclusive
Lucasfilm went all out with the exclusives, especially in the home goods department. Star Wars fans can now happily pop open a bottle of Alderaanian Ale with the help of Roxy the Rancor.

Stormtrooper hoodie-04202015

Stormtrooper Pillow Hoodie by Hoodsbee
It’s a pillow! It’s a hoodie! It’s both! Con-goers watched in awe as the magical pillows were transformed into wearable hoodies. A limited edition of only 1200 were made and they were close to selling out by the end of the con. Note: While working the booth, the Hoodsbee crew wore super creative Brick Brick Gear hats to show off their Star Wars fandom.

Ackbar sushi-04202015

Admiral Ackbar Sushi Set – CelebrationExclusive
This was the talk of the convention. Once these plates hit Instagram it was an immediate must-have. Sold as an exclusive at the official Celebration store, shoppers were undeterred by the two to four hour wait in line for these Mon Calamari wares. It’s a treat!

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